lake powell + how-to steps to creating videos!

Hey friends. On my last video post I had a few inquiries about how I create the videos. I’d love to give you a few tips, and answer ANY questions you have but keep in mind this is the short version of instructions!

1 – I use my iPhone 5S for ALL of my footage. (I am DYING to get my hands on the new iPhone 6 just because I hear the camera is so much better!!!) I shoot everything with my phone horizontally, always tipping my phone to the left – in the same direction each time I take a video. If you don’t shoot it the same way, you can later edit it and flip it around or zoom-in later in iMovie but it’s an extra step or two to do so.

2 – I take a LOT of video. I’m positive I annoyed my family and friends when I first started doing this, they would all give me the “you’re kind of interesting, Jane” look when caught taking videos over and over and over. But, I feel like once they figured out what I was doing with the videos – they loved it and patiently embrace me now and accept my quirky video obsession.

3. I create and edit the videos in iMovie. I don’t feel that I’m good enough at doing this yet to give you my own tutorial. Technology for me is a live-and-learn, trial-and-error experience. This is a great place to start if you need help! Remember: when using ANY types of technology or new programs – if you have a challenge, GOOGLE the problem, I’d dare say that 100% of the time you will find your answers online to anything you need!!!

4. I created an account with vimeo, this allows me to have an online space to keep the videos organized publicly and to get a code to embed them here, etc. – I also have a Youtube account but feel vimeo is where more independent, artistic videos are being shared and I like the platform just a snitch better.

5. Have fun!!! If any of you make a video and post it somewhere, I’d love to see it! Or, let me know if you have questions you can’t find answers to – I will do my best to help!

* This past summer we made our first trip back to Lake Powell since returning to Utah. This trip REALLY made us feel like we were back in our stomping grounds. Dusty Rhodes would like to live at Lake Powell all summer. And I’m pretty sure our kids would agree! I think I’d LOVE it till one of the big notorious wind storms hit, and then I’d be done. The mix of sunshine, the outdoors, and lake for a week is a good combo, especially when you add friends, fun, and good food! However: when you see the kids having a whipping cream fight… someone on our trip had suggested a shaving cream fight – Because this was new to us I thought the shaving cream might burn the kids’ eyes, so I planned whipping cream instead. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The kids jumped in the lake after to clean-up, but a few hours later and the next morning – some of them started to smell like SOUR MILK. IT WAS AWFUL. Each time I hugged them, I was gagging from the smell, and BEGGING them to shower. Use shaving cream!


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  1. Thanks for the tips Jane! This video was really well done! Just recently I was looking at some pictures from my last trip and thought; why in the world don’t I make videos? I’m obsessed with picture taking, but videoing everything would leave me with some great clips to use. My biggest concern would probably be the fact that my phone would easily run out of space just by taking a few videos! 16GB is not enough! 😉

  2. Sorry for leaving this comment here. I didn’t see an email address. I noticed on your instagram you all like to vacation at Sunset Beach in Cabo. We happen to be staying there as well coming up soon. I was wondering if you do the all inclusive option or just do your own meals??? What other things do you like to do there? We haven’t ever been there so I thought I’d ask an expert! Thanks, Jane!!

  3. Hey Jane,

    I had to come back here and comment about the fact that I made a video at my family gathering! I downloaded the iMovie app and decided to give it a shot. I got some really interesting stares from my family who were pretty annoyed at my phone in their face ;), but in the end I was able to show them the video and most of them loved it.

    My biggest problem was trying to figure out how to crop from the end of the clip instead of the beginning (on the app). It was driving me crazy! Otherwise, I loved the process! I thought it was so fun to create a memory like that. Also, I found that going with black and white really served its purpose. With colour, it was a little distracting when the backgrounds kept switching. In black and white, it allowed the focus to be on the people.

    Thanks for your tips and inspiration!

  4. Hello, I’m wondering if you could advise on some music tips for your videos and where you can find them. In my opinion, music is key and just as important as what your capturing. Thanks for any tips!!

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