how do you feel about the tradition of christmas cards? a lost art? you’ve never sent one? you always send one?

i’m having an inner battle with the expense and time involved. i adore christmas cards – i have a preparing/addressing/stamping party of one when i’m preparing ours.

but, this year, we have maybe received 40-50… and, i sent almost 300.

should i stop? is it not-green to be doing so?
{my envelopes & washi tape from here andhere, personalized stamper from here.}

regardless, i still enjoy the tradition.  and, if you are not on our mailing list –


luminary festival.

December 21, 2011

our new town had a luminary festival earlier this month.

…i had been busy with miss thirteen all weekend. but we made it home to literally throw the other munchkins in the car & drive around town. we spent one hour, after dark, windows down, xm radio blaring xmas tunes, slowly driving up and down the luminary-lit streets.

the town in the northwest where i grew-up had a luminary festival each winter before christmas when i was a kid. and for some reason, because my kids have never seen a luminary… this little festival was very important to me. my dad used to drive me around to see all the lights. now, i wanted to be the one to drive my kids around.


this year, to keep things simple, i used pre-made gingerbread men + house kits from Trader Joe’s. i’ve used every gingerbread kit on the market in years past, and i’ve made homemade gingerbread — out of all of the above, these were my favorite. maybe because we purchased them early in the season? the gingerbread was impressively tender & moist. even my kiddos started eating it before our projects were finished!

i watched my two younger kiddos frost their gingerbread, arrange candies, and balance candy canes to make a festive roof display.

my oldest daughter wasn’t interested in gingerbread this year,


elf on the shelf

December 6, 2011

introducing, our elf.

mr. bean {named appropriately for bean town}

mr. bean arrived before thanksgiving this year!
so, the first few times he was spotted, he was spreading pumpkin-turkey-“indian” tent- cheer!

then he helped us prepare for christmas!

…when sela noticed he was having a snowball fight with ms. owl,
she made ms. owl some full-body armor with a piece of paper!

mr. bean really started to develop his character,
he’s quite the original elf!

…we knew mr.



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