Easter 2013.

the sun shined for Easter in New England!

that was one of the highlights of our day.

color coordinated Easter egg hunt via seejaneblog

the easter bunny did not show up last night for his glow-in-the-dark night-time egg hunt,
and our kiddos started to worry that it wasn’t going to come – but he didn’t forget us this morning!

modern easter bags via seejaneblog

huge upcycled easter bags via seejaneblog

sela head first in her easter bag

KJ head first in his easter bag

Oh So Tiny Bunny book via seejaneblog

myla moo and her easter treasures

Easter sunday via seejaneblog

i hope your day was filled with loved ones, and lots of good food. boy-oh-boy do i have to start eating good {AGAIN} and working-out extra starting tomorrow… anyone else with me?


{pictures by me, Jane Rhodes}

6 responses to “Easter 2013.”

  1. Happy Easter to you all! And yes… I spent way too much time in front of the dessert table today. Back on track TOMORROW!

  2. Your Easter looked absolutely lovely! And yep… I was supposed to work out extra today. Totally didn’t happen. I’ll jump back on that bandwagon tomorrow.

  3. You and your family–such an inspiriration. I follow and comment once in awhile. My four kids are quite younger, but I love the joy you find in mothering and celebrating the little things. Your kids are blessed!

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