who says photo props are just for humans?

this year, to keep things simple, i used pre-made gingerbread men + house kits from Trader Joe’s. i’ve used every gingerbread kit on the market in years past, and i’ve made homemade gingerbread — out of all of the above, these were my favorite. maybe because we purchased them early in the season? the gingerbread was impressively tender & moist. even my kiddos started eating it before our projects were finished!

i watched my two younger kiddos frost their gingerbread, arrange candies, and balance candy canes to make a festive roof display.

my oldest daughter wasn’t interested in gingerbread this year, and my second oldest participated for only about 5 minutes… i’m learning, our family is 50/50 these days. 50% still loves our child-pleasing family traditions, and 50% would like us to move on… i’m trying to balance the split. anyone else in this same boat?

using photo props our elf brought us here, i couldn’t resist using them on my gingerbread man!

…then i started thinking how great these would be for pets, too! has anyone ever tried? taken a picture? i bet it’s a riot!

photo props can be found here.

{all photos by me.}

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  1. You’re back! You’re back! I can’t believe you’re back! I am almost having a panic attack to see what adventures Boston has brought you! 😉

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