Easter 2013.

March 31, 2013

the sun shined for Easter in New England!

that was one of the highlights of our day.

color coordinated Easter egg hunt via seejaneblog

the easter bunny did not show up last night for his glow-in-the-dark night-time egg hunt,
and our kiddos started to worry that it wasn’t going to come – but he didn’t forget us this morning!

modern easter bags via seejaneblog

huge upcycled easter bags via seejaneblog

sela head first in her easter bag

KJ head first in his easter bag

Oh So Tiny Bunny book via seejaneblog

myla moo and her easter treasures

Easter sunday via seejaneblog

i hope your day was filled with loved ones, and lots of good food. boy-oh-boy do i have to start eating good {AGAIN} and working-out extra starting tomorrow…


christmas eve

December 27, 2012

sushi. holiday cards. good friends. good food. traditional christmas jammies. snuggles. cookies for santa. apples for the reindeer. movie: christmas vacation while playing crazy eights.

a new tradition: sitting around the tree sharing our favorite memories of 2012. my favorite memory: the moment we were all singing country songs driving around crescent lake in washington on this road trip. amazing: every one of my kids shared favorite memories that all had to do with spending time together as a family. no favorite toys. no favorite video games were mentioned. kj was almost in tears because he wanted to be back in cabo with his dear friends.

my heart was smiling.

christmas eve sushi tradition via seejaneblog

christmas eve dinner via seejaneblog

christmas eve via seejaneblog

christmas eve jammies via seejaneblog

bw christmas eve

cookies for santa, apples for the reindeer

family games

christmas eve with american girl doll

{all photos by me.


a quiet spot.

August 2, 2012

while on our trip to southern california, we spent one evening hiking in the hills up behind laguna beach. our cousin has a quiet spot up there, and we wanted to see it —

the great thing about being a guest, is that you get to discover the beauty of other places and fall in love with the culture and people who live there. laguna beach is a sun-kissed town filled with people who glamorously accessorize the sandy beaches. the hills are a quiet refuge with beautiful views of what lies below.

one particular hill has a special spot on top –


☘ ☘ ☘

March 13, 2012

everybody’s irish on st. patrick’s day – at least it seems like that in the USA. especially here in boston! did you know Boston held America’s first st. patrick’s day celebration in 1737, and the city is called the Irish capital of America?

if you decide to join in the fun, here are my ideas for green festivities!

on saturday morning {very early} we will dye our traditional crepes green + the kids love green milk! this year for our milk i found these adorable mason jar tumblers. i love how they look with our green stripy straws! and the kids will love using them long after st.


our christmas.

December 24, 2011

santa arrived early at our home this year.

{ten days early!}

he’s super-magical like that…
{kudos to his insane little elves that made it happen!}

we went out for a festive family dinner & returned to this lil note from mr. bean, stating,

“open your christmas jammies tonight! santa wants to come early!”

without a moments hesitation, these lil munchkins prepared everything…

i should break out my tripod for moments like this, but that is just too much work – so please forgive the awful photo quality… i like them this way.


elf on the shelf

December 23, 2011

more mr. bean sightings —

zip-lining across the family room :: mistletoe in the dollhouse

party elf :: mr. bean brought us snow! :: in disguise in the xmas tree

rudolph came to visit & together they painted the kids’ noses red while they were sleeping! ha!

the creatures were stirring :: sipping’ syrup

mr. bean & barbie found our wishbone from thanksgiving! :: domino’s!

hanging-around in some tulle after a busy season…

previously shown here.