our christmas.

santa arrived early at our home this year.

{ten days early!}

he’s super-magical like that…
{kudos to his insane little elves that made it happen!}

we went out for a festive family dinner & returned to this lil note from mr. bean, stating,

“open your christmas jammies tonight! santa wants to come early!”

without a moments hesitation, these lil munchkins prepared everything…

i should break out my tripod for moments like this, but that is just too much work – so please forgive the awful photo quality… i like them this way. because, the room was lit only by xmas lights and there was a yellow glow.

these two pictures were taken within seconds of each other – one with flash, one without.

see: sans flash is simply more lovely. blurry and all.

5:30am —

one of my favorite things about parenting, is watching my kids interact one with another, with love. kj was thrilled with his gifts from santa, but he could not wait to give his big sis his gift to her — precious.

big papi received all red sox/celtics/bruins attire from the kiddos. just what he always wants. ♥

…at the very end of things, everyone spotted snazzy new iPhone cases that santa hid in the xmas tree!

a beautiful mess.


One response to “our christmas.”

  1. Santa is great for that isn’t he?!

    Looks like you’re all having a very beautiful Christmas. I absolutely adore those red Santa bags for their gifts. Did you sew the names on yourself?

    Have a lovely Christmas Day tomorrow!

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