luminary festival.

our new town had a luminary festival earlier this month.

…i had been busy with miss thirteen all weekend. but we made it home to literally throw the other munchkins in the car & drive around town. we spent one hour, after dark, windows down, xm radio blaring xmas tunes, slowly driving up and down the luminary-lit streets.

the town in the northwest where i grew-up had a luminary festival each winter before christmas when i was a kid. and for some reason, because my kids have never seen a luminary… this little festival was very important to me. my dad used to drive me around to see all the lights. now, i wanted to be the one to drive my kids around.

my favorite part? we would find a street with lots of luminaries, slow the car down almost to a stop, turn off our headlights, lower the sound on the music, and just listen… listen to the outdoors, absorb the magical glow of the lights.

it was quiet. it was beautiful. have you seen a luminary festival?

i hope your season is being filled with peace and beauty amongst the chaos.


{image by me. a neighbors home.}

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