because next year she’ll be a jr. high girl,
and it’s probably not cool to have birthday treats from momma!
{i, personally, would take cake bites, any day, from anyone!}

kiana requested the sweet tooth fairy cake bites, the bakery drizzled her favorite color on top…a special little extra.

and, ramune‘ sodas. a fave for almost any kid! but especially this girl.

kiana & her 6th grade besties!


happy birthday…

January 12, 2010
to me!

i had a fabulous birthday {week.}

…my girlfriends planned a double-birthday lunch for me, and another girlfriend {cynthia} who’s birthday was the end of december.

we dined at bajio’s. we both left with some serious good gifts! arms full of goodies. loved the food & girl time. thank you, besties.

my husband has this tradition, of NOT buying me what i ask for. he is very loyal to this tradition. so, for a long time now {5 years} i’ve been requesting to replace a certain chandelier in our kitchen. lately, i had actually saved a link to a drum-shade light i really liked on my desktop.


a baby boy was born 6 years ago. The Jedi Council named him KJ, and he was strong with force. In the years that followed his birth, young KJ has been learning the powers of the Jedi. Now the galaxy is in turmoil because the Sith have learned of the boy and seek him. To overcome this threat, KJ will need the help of others- so a call is being sent out for brave younglings to come and learn the ways of the Force. Rhodes family and friends, you have been chosen to join forces with padawan KJ and the Jedi order to stop the evil Sith! These new Jedi must be trained. The Jedi training will be disguised as a b-day party so the Sith will hopefully not learn of our plans.


after a weeks worth of festivities…parties, cupcakes, cake, special meals, and gifts…totally how I believe every birthday should be celebrated: a few days of complete spoiling! our baby girl is really eleven years old today…

Kiana chose Sammy’s for lunch and Tepanyaki’s for dinner. We had birthday cake {from the sweet tooth fairy} and gifts from the family.

After dinner Kiana, Eli, and Ethan went to see “Mall Cop,” while Danny, Dusty, and I went to see “TAKEN.” wow. wow. wow.
could Liam Neeson be any more sexy fighting to get his daughter back? I mean,


myla’s birthday party

December 20, 2008

the invitations-
the winter storm that blew in just before it was time for the party to start-
some of the guests, and the entertainment for the party were stuck in traffic & snow on bad roads so instead of doing:

we did:

Our cake was from the sweet tooth fairy, a bakery that will be opening soon in Provo. Our friend Jimmy from college, it is his sister who owns the bakery. Megan Faulkner Brown. She is a doll, and the cake was goodilicious!