in a galaxy far, far away…

a baby boy was born 6 years ago. The Jedi Council named him KJ, and he was strong with force. In the years that followed his birth, young KJ has been learning the powers of the Jedi. Now the galaxy is in turmoil because the Sith have learned of the boy and seek him. To overcome this threat, KJ will need the help of others- so a call is being sent out for brave younglings to come and learn the ways of the Force. Rhodes family and friends, you have been chosen to join forces with padawan KJ and the Jedi order to stop the evil Sith! These new Jedi must be trained. The Jedi training will be disguised as a b-day party so the Sith will hopefully not learn of our plans. If you are up for the challenge make your way to the Berkshires sector, planet earth, today…

the invitations-
{a recap from above + a little bit more. we rolled the invitations around a Chinese yo-yo light saber.}
padawan KJ-with whom the force is strong!the JEDI TRAINING…a.k.a. KJ’s 6th birthday party
with star wars themed music playing, we greeted each padawan with a robe{brown for the boys and white for the girls}, belt, jedi name tag {each kids name backwards} and a jedi training task list. As each task was completed,princess enaj {jane – me!} checked off the task on their list.
number one –
build your own light saber

the jedi trainees met with the council and learned that every jedi must have his own light saber, with a custom handle. we used dowels, pool noodles, glue, and foam markers. the jedi trainees loved it! thank you master dusty and danny for the hands-on help!

number two –
light saber balance training

the jedi trainees met with the council to learn of a future attack, when the black balloons fell from high, the trainees had to balance a balloon in the air for two minutes without letting it touch the ground…

number three –
destroy the death star

the jedi trainees met with the council and learned that the death star was nearby. They would be required to attack, leaving not trace of the death star behind! For this, a master drew a sidewalk chalk death star on the driveway, the jedi trainees threw water balloons at the death star till it was gone!
< /a>

number four –
attack chewbacca
{or the ape, similiar to chewbacca}

the jedi trainees met with the council and learned that chewbacca was near their galaxy, in order to complete training they had to be prepared to attack. Remembering team work is important and not attacking your own team.

{thank you, master dusty!}

number five –
asteroid hunt

master enaj wrapped five different party favors {star wars pez, pop rocks, a yoda ring, star wars stickers/tattoos, and yoda/dark vador thumb war figures} in aluminum foil. Each item was marked #1,2,3,4, or 5 in permanent marker on the outside of the foil. We took a few minutes and the kids decorated black bags with glow-in-the-dark stars on the landing pad {front porch.} I then had a “council meeting” and told them we had been attacked by asteroids! oh no! they were to race to the backyard,using their bags and each collecting a number 1,2,3,4,and 5 asteroid…off they went on an asteroid hunt. The older jedi trainees helped the younger jedi trainees all find each of their five asteroids…

number six
jedi fuel

the jedi fuel included pizza, cake, ice cream, and water!
R2D2 cake – from: the sweet tooth fairy,
out of this world!

When every jedi had finished their training,
KJ rewarded them with star wars clone mas
ks {with star wars theme music playing}…he put them on each of them by himself!

for present time we played, “pass the thermal detonator,” to star wars theme music. {similiar to musical chairs/hot potato} when the music stopped, the kid holding the thermal detonator got to pick up their gift and have KJ open it in the middle of the circle – he received some incredible gifts! lots of star wars goodies! thank you.
a tired jedi-
to end the party – everyone took turns playing KJ’s new wii game –
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels, it is fantastic!

Jedi JK says thank you,
thoughtful you are!

14 responses to “in a galaxy far, far away…”

  1. Holy crap that cake is out of this world (no pun intended). Very cool party. I will not be showing this post to my almost six-year-old lest he find himself very disappointed a month from now…

  2. Jane where do you get all of your ideas! WOW! That is amazing and WOW! I wanna be your kid. happy birthday KJ

  3. SUPER DUPER Fun Party!! I love all the games, they were so creative! You have such great Ideas!

    The cake is amazing and was just as delicious as it looks.

    Happy Birthday KJ!!

  4. max is still talking about it and running around with his light saber!

    thanks for inviting him to his first birthday party!

  5. 1-pretty much made me want to be six and invited to a party at your house. FUN!
    2-holy cake. That thing is awesome. gotta ask though, how did you cut that? cutting cake is not one of my skills, and I couldn’t help but be baffled when I saw that thing wondering how one would attack it.

  6. My 7 year old would have died for that party! I was excited to see you weren’t private anymore. YOu are so creative and have such good ideas. I love to look at your blog to get inspired. Really if nothing else you inspire me to be a better mother and I love that. Glad your back! And seriously what a fun party!

  7. Jane, what a great party!!! So glad you are still public…I was truly sad when you were all of a sudden gone!..and just happened to check in with you again and was thrilled to see you are back! I should have made myself known sooner. I found your blog through Lucrecia Hale’s blog. Her mom is my cousin..her grandma is my aunt (I just love them!) Anyway…I love your amazing blog. You have great ideas and I am almost off sugar now..and I have lost about 7 lbs in just two weeks..! sugar…low fat..good healthy lifestyle changes. Anyway..thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and yourself so generously. Personally I think it is pretty safe to be public. There really are a lot of good people in the world. Thanks!

  8. I love everything about the party – the games were awesome – the cake was unreal – the party favor hunt, too clever! He must have felt so special! Will you do it again when we come home in August? 🙂

  9. How fun! We did this theme a couple of years ago and had a ‘jedi’ come train the young padawans. Looks like everyone had a BLAST.

  10. Okay, I know you are back at school working hard to be a graphic designer, but you should so totally be a party planner! You are amazing. Looks like the best party ever. What fun.

    Happy Birthday, KJ!

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