happy birthday…

to me!

i had a fabulous birthday {week.}

…my girlfriends planned a double-birthday lunch for me, and another girlfriend {cynthia} who’s birthday was the end of december.

we dined at bajio’s. we both left with some serious good gifts! arms full of goodies. loved the food & girl time. thank you, besties.

my husband has this tradition, of NOT buying me what i ask for. he is very loyal to this tradition. so, for a long time now {5 years} i’ve been requesting to replace a certain chandelier in our kitchen. lately, i had actually saved a link to a drum-shade light i really liked on my desktop. seriously, NEVER expecting to see it.

then on friday morning, i pulled in our driveway after being out and about, and saw big boxes on my front porch!

lo & behold, i was skipping around the house when i saw where the boxes were from! seriously. skipping.

dusty clarified for me, “it’s from the kids, not me.”

explanation: that’s why i got what i asked for…

{old chandelier}

{new beauty}

i woke up to lots of birthday wishes, my hubby gave me this! i had begged for this item last summer during my quest to figure out how to grill onions/veggies better on the grill without having so many casualties to the flames below. i can’t even believe he got me this, after all, i had asked for it! he is evolving.

my birthday was a crazy-busy day. myla had an 8:30am indoor soccer game. On her way out the door she said,

mom, i’m going to get 34 goals for you today…for your birthday!”

my competitive daughter was being completely sincere, with her hearts intent to do exactly that. she scored 4 goals. close enough for me! such a cutie.

i don’t get alot of one-on-one time with my kj-man, so between dropping kiana off at dance for the morning and taking him to tennis, he and i were able to sneak over here for their “all you can eat french toast.” it was so fun. i need to do stuff like this with him more often.

my afternoon was busy-busy, i spent most of it shopping for all my art supplies for this semester, it’s crazy how time consuming that can be!

then my big night with my hubby & friends,
my friend susan recommended we dine at Tiburon in slc, it was very yummy. i totally recommend their cinnamon ice cream with berries. run, don’t walk.

“you, me, & danny”

these people are truly the gems in my life, dear dear friends…

after dinner, we headed out to my old stompin’ grounds, west valley city {where i attended h.s. at Granger high school}

we went country dancing here, and had a blast! how lucky can one girl be?!?

in the midst of all this, it was so fun to get all the birthday love on facebook. my friend megan who owns, “the sweet tooth fairy bakery,” left me a message on my FB wall that she had dropped of a little something on my front porch for me. i thought, “are you serious? how on earth does the girl have time to think of people on their birthdays?!?”

she is amazing.

i am a big fan of cake bites, and megan had dropped off the cutest little box – an assortment of cake bites! i didn’t even know she was making cake bites in so many flavors! i am a true fan of the original cake bites, truly, they are heavenly. and i’ve tried the seasonal ones she’s made for like halloween-thanksgiving {pumpkin-flavored} but WOW! there was vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, oh my my.

and, my own little cupcake!

** another year older, another year wiser. **

9 responses to “happy birthday…”

  1. Love the new drum shade! I've been wanting to switch ours out, but curious if you get enough light. Would you mind sharing your light source? Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday. Looks like a wonderful day with friends and family. Great gifts!! Your new shade looks great. Fun switching things out and seeing what a difference it makes. The story of my house!

  3. what a wonderful way to celebrate your very own day.
    i can relate to your hubby's ideas of birthday gifts. one year (our first year actually), i asked for a pearl necklace – and tah-dah (is how he felt), i got u joints for the car!
    happy birthday, {jane}.

  4. You had such the Birthday!! I love how it lasts a whole week!

    I love the "Sweet tooth fairy" and what a sweetheart friend to give you those for your birthday! Yummy…

    Happy Birthday Jane!

  5. Hi there,
    My name is Jessica, and I have checked in with your blog every now and then since I ran on to it while blog stalking. It is fun to see what you are up to.

    I finally had to comment when I found out that we have several things in common. A few of them being…

    1. The Great Bang haircut of 2009. I too have entered bang territory for the first time since elementary school. I have enjoyed them, but find myself growing them out as well.

    2. I have also been living with a light fixture quality deficiency above my kitchen table. I LOVE your new shade! So pretty.

    3. I am also from the good ol' West Valley City! I graduated from Hunter High where my husband and I met. Go Cougars! We have now lived in Chicago, where my husband started a business, for almost seven years. We actually lived on the same street as Granger High during our college years. There is a cute little shack we brought back to life and called home just down the street. My cousins went to Granger, do you know any Jone's? Melissa Jones maybe. She was a dancer.

    Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself, and tell you that you have cute ideas. Oh, and if you have a visitor tracker and someone was looking at your blog for about 28 hours straight in the recent past, it was me. I pulled it up, got distracted by my kids, and went to bed. Sorry.

    Oh, and my really good friend Mandy, is one of your photographer Kate's best friends. What a small world!


  6. Your birthday sounds perfect! I love that Myla wanted to get 34 goals for you-what a sweetheart! I love your new kitchen light! You are blessed with wonderful friends and family…what a great birthday week you had…you definitely deserve it! And now we are the same age again 🙂

  7. ha! The Westerner! some good old memories of THAT place : )

    I'm glad it was a super week! (did you know Jimmy Faulkner from SUU is working with his sis at the Sweet Tooth Fairy right now? Small world!)

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