myla’s birthday party

the invitations-
the winter storm that blew in just before it was time for the party to start-
some of the guests, and the entertainment for the party were stuck in traffic & snow on bad roads so instead of doing:

we did:

Our cake was from the sweet tooth fairy, a bakery that will be opening soon in Provo. Our friend Jimmy from college, it is his sister who owns the bakery. Megan Faulkner Brown. She is a doll, and the cake was goodilicious!


We had such incredible entertainment for the party. We made reservations with “Scales and Tails Utah” for the birthday party. Through the winter storm and all, they brought all kinds of snakes and lizards for the kids to interact with!

Shane was our host, and he started the show by giving the birthday girl a t-shirt…I asked Shane on the side if he had drank three red bulls before coming because his energy was out of the roof – the the first thing he brought out was a “rose” tarantula named “fluffy!”KJ freaked out when he brought out the tarantula, and ran to hide between the couch and soda machine…Nate joined him there-
then he had one “good” and one “bad” scorpion…he put the “good” one named “tweety” in his mouth! yikes.
Soon after hiding, KJ decided a safe place to be to watch the show was his Daddy’s lap!
an alligator skull-
myla was Shane’s helper for the show and her first lizard to hold was named “slug” for how slow he moves-
the first snake was in fact, not a snake. It was a lizard because it had ears and a bum hole. yes, a bum hole. The kids requested to “see” the bum hole a few times…
checking to see if the tail will or will not come off when pulled-
a bit bigger lizard named “jub jub”
“fuzzy-wuzzy” has no hair-
a little snake-
a medium snake – “peaches”
a big snake – “isis”
the girls taking their turns holding it, she is 14 feet long and the last time they weighed her she was 85 pounds.
the boys turn, note Myla is smiling in this picture
now notice she’s a little concerned that isis’s head is looking at her…hehe
sitting on daddy’s lap always makes everything feel more safe…
{i think this very worried look is very cute and *smart*}

the people
who were brave enough {or crazy enough} to wrap a burmese snake around their bodies!

nate {not totally happy about this, his buddies & brother are trying to help him out!}
brianna {and roxanna}
scott and susan
me and spicyspicy SAVED me during this party. I thought Dusty and I could pull this off as being the only adults, but wow, was I ever wrong! Suz stayed and helped and I can’t thank her enough, I definitely needed that extra set of hands! love you spicy.

the party favors – we had stuffed snakes that had wires in them to wrap around things, snakes with magnets in them to stick on things, snakes that you pulled their tongues and they would shimmy across a floor, everyone chose their snake on the way out-

my favorite part of the party was sitting back and watching Myla’s joy from her friends, her reactions to the excitement. Her soul is so full of spunk and sincerity. What a blance. This was the perfect celebration for her.
we sure love you girl!

momma and daddy

now myla is BEGGING for a pet lizard for christmas…

5 responses to “myla’s birthday party

  1. Holy Cow! You ARE the coolest Mom. And you’re freaking me out with those snakes. Especially that huge one! I would definately have joined KJ behind the couch.

  2. You are so Brave!! Seriously, how cool would that be to have a Mom who actually would be loving to hold those snakes!! Man, i need some help, i am having issues just taking care of Chase's Lizard. haha

    Boston & Chase couldn't stop talking about that Party! So fun & What an amazing Cake!!

  3. P.S. They kept telling me that they Think they held an Anaconda! haha
    Yah i think they were right, that thing is Gi-Normous!!

    Great Pictures!

  4. Seriously – freakin AWESOME party! We will have to copy this one in a few years for one of my boys! I am SO glad we were home for this. If Myla wants practice with a lizard for a pet, Boston is watching Rex for us for the next month. He may need a break. They are NOT easy pets (fresh veggies, live crickets, calcium supplements, special lighting and heat, etc).

    “Scales and Tails Utah” provides a wonderfully entertaining program… However, their safety practices can and do endanger the public and all those who participate in their programs – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN! This can best be illustrated by reading about a recent snake bite incident which took place on October 29th 2010. I've provided three references to the incident: And as a local concerned parent I feel it my responsibility to bring this to the forefront. One only needs to go to the gallery page on their website ( ) and take a quick browse around to quickly realize WHY this happened. NO CHILD SHOULD BE HANDLING, HOLDING, OR WEARING LARGE REPTILES IN THIS FASHION! It is dangerous – and it teaches the public (Children) that large reptiles like these are NOT dangerous and can even be played with– it is IRRESPONSIBLE!!! Reptiles of this size have the PROPENSITY TO KILL or seriously injure people. And the fashion in which “Scales and Tails Utah” presents them to the public PUTS THE PUBLIC AT RISK! Ask any herpetologist … there is a REAL reason why large snakes like these are behind glass when one goes to a zoo! It is only LUCK that prevented the child in this situation from being seriously injured or even killed. A 140lb python like this one could crush a child in quick order and there would have been LITTLE TO NOTHING they could have done to stop it in time! Think about it – Who would really want a 15 ft long python anywhere near their children? This was a sad incident – but unfortunately it was just a matter of time… and unless “Scales and Tails Utah” changes their practices I GREATLY FEAR IT WON'T BE THE LAST – and next time it could be worse… and it could be YOUR CHILD! Bottom line – if it looks dangerous – or sounds dangerous – GO WITH YOUR GUT! And don't be afraid to ask for legitimate VERIFIABLE credentials!

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