somewhere over the rainbow…

there was a selabration!
the invitations ~

the party ~

i can’t figure out what’s better…
to actually be four and see this all through magical,
childhood eyes and be blessed to be loved like she is…
or to be thirty-four and her momma and the lover of this girl.
i’ll take the latter.

thank you to everyone who shared in selabration #4 with us,
we love you.

all photos, taken by: event photographer ~ becky kimball.
a.k.a. bex.


{check out selabrations one, two, and three!}

17 responses to “somewhere over the rainbow…

  1. ok, so i am your san antonio blog stalker…LOL…i am not even sure how i stumbled upon your blog, but i am so glad that i did. every single morning when i get to work, before i do anything, i check your blog to see if there are any updates….i LOVE your photography. i LOVE your fun stories. i LOVE your parties, you seem so fun…and so loving to your hubs and your children. can you please move to san antonio texas and plan my daughters birthday parties??!! although ours are fun, they seem so bland once looking at yours!!!! LOL…i CANNOT wait to try the banana boats…(unfortunately, my lil miss 6 doesnt like bananas. boo. so this will be a mom treat.).

  2. Your birthday parties always look so fun! Your kids are lucky to have you as their mama! Have a great week!

  3. It must be stalker day.. I'm kitty your Central Coast-Ca stalker. I too have been reading your blog for a yr? And I think it's super cute! I love seeing your cute ideas & crafty-ness! I may have to use the rainbow idea 4 my daughter's 7th in Feb. Last year I did Hello Kitty-Star Wars, my daughter loves both & the lil boys were so happy. The rainbow theme is so clean simple & easy to shop for. Keep you the crafty-ness!! -Kitty

  4. You really know how to plan a fun party! Thanks for the inspiration! Love the goodies table for the guests to take home! Such a cute party and fam you have.

  5. oh how darling!! Perfect party jane! I cannot show my twins this post, they will be so sad. I am so sad that we missed this party, it looks so adorable, love the balloons in all the different colors and your decorations are just perfect! I love Jane's parties!!!

    You should definitely creat a website for just parties!! or write a book of some sort.
    Love you Sela!! Happy '4th' birthday love!

  6. Wow Jane! What a great party-you always do the cutest and most creative things! Happy Birthday to Sela, she is a doll!!

  7. OMG! YOU know how to throw a party! I am sure Sela will remember this with fondness for years to come! This is what sweet dreams are made of. 🙂

  8. Cutest party every for the cutest little girl!!!! I think I'll just need to copy all your ideas for Kenzie's future birthdays 🙂

  9. Love the rainbow idea – it sure made for a fun party to look at! I'll bet it was even more fun in person. Happy Birthday Sela!!

  10. I sometimes stop by your blog.. love it! I have a Sella.. she is named after her great grandma Sella…(Stella WITHOUT the T) How do you pronounce your daughters name… Where we live come to find out there is a mountain range called the Sella Mountains..

  11. darling party!
    i love all the colors!
    you did an amazing job!

    and, the birthday girl couldn't be any cuter!

  12. You sure know how to plan parties! I love all the color! Little Sela is a doll. I'm taking party planning notes for my little girl's 2nd birthday in January. Keep those ideas coming!
    Since this seems to be the "I'm stalking you from…" comment section, I'm in UT also. I actually work at Pebbles and found your blog back when you had your photos scanned there. Yay for crafts! 🙂

  13. I am LOVING this party! So, so, so cute! Love all the theming, decorations, party favors. One day you will get smart and turn your passion for party planning into a money making machine! Do you know that corporations pay $5000 for a bare bones basic 2 hour event out here? That does NOT include food, drink, etc. Anyhow, back to your darling daughter, Happy Birthday, Sela! What a fun party you had and what an awesome (for lack of a better word – wink wink) mommy you have!

  14. What an amazing party for little Miss Sela. I've never seen anything like it. What a lucky little girl… and all her friends that got to be there for it. You are one heck of a mama and party planner. Kudos!

  15. What great photos. You have a beautiful family.

    It was nice meeting you today at Zupas. I hope you made it to pick up your daughter on time.

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