cross country Rhodes trip

August 3, 2013

cross country rhodes trip one

1: little miss six likes to travel like her momma… she takes everything but the kitchen sink!
2: holy holy holy, upstate new york is beautiful! (visiting the LDS church history sites in palmyra, new york.)

cross country rhodes trip two

cross country rhodes trip three

3: the kids loved taking turns driving with danny in the u-haul truck.

4: something about all that water and all its power makes me feel uneasy… small. weak. it’s amazing, but i’m terrified of being near it. same feeling happens to me on big bridges and in the ocean.

cross country rhodes trip four

5: we dined here.


friends! how was your weekend? we returned home late last night and have jumped right back into our regular routine here in boston. our kiddos had a great winter vacation in utah – we packed every minute with play dates, our favorite food, and activities. they were sad to leave so i’ve got to keep reminding them in the next few days about what is great about living in boston! homesickness does not look good on little ones.

i’ve been so excited to share with you the highlights, photos, and videos of last weeks {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet. for me, the best part was seeing this event i’d worked on with shelby come together so beautifully.


the boston common frog pond.

December 20, 2011

i would like to write this post & simmer down my passion for such events. because, to be honest – most of the rhodes family excluding myself are pretty darn awful at ice skating. husband and i managed to keep sela safe for one full lap.

…kiana squealed and screamed as she almost kept falling – nearly killed herself while we sweat over the thought of her being hurt for dance. myla and kj voluntarily left the rink after one lap {clinging to the wall & myla took a hard fall on her bum.} both more excited about the cocoa being sold than the ice skating. and, the howell’s all seem to be pros.


fenway park, tour…

December 18, 2011

when the howell boys were visiting, we headed to fenway for a tour…

fingers crossed we get to go to a bruins game before this season ends!

fenway park tours, click here for more info!


dear readers, my images/photos lately look a bit grainy & i haven’t changed anything on my side. do they look this way on your screens? please let me know… thanks! xoxo.


“The first outdoor living history exhibit you will encounter on your visit is the Wampanoag Homesite, located on the banks of the Eel River. Here you’ll discover how the 17th-century Wampanoag would have lived along the coast during the growing season; planting their crops, fishing and hunting, gathering wild herbs and berries for food, and reeds for making mats and baskets. You’ll see different kinds of homes including a mat-covered wetu, the Wampanoag word for house, and a bark-covered long house or nush wetu, meaning a house with three fire pits inside. Food is cooked over an open fire using only the ingredients that were available in the 1600s.


thanksgiving 2011

December 12, 2011

…i had attempted to get most of the cooking/baking done the day before so i could enjoy the festivities with our gang.

we started the day at our local high school football game.

wellesley vs. needham
this is the oldest h.s. rivalry in the nation!
is that so cool?!?

sadly, we lost…

but, clearly, we still had fun!
look at all of us cheeeeesin:

we have this tradition that on thanksgiving,
we have “snacks” for lunch –
crackers, deli meat, cheese, veggies, pickles, fruit, dips…

and then –