thanksgiving 2011

…i had attempted to get most of the cooking/baking done the day before so i could enjoy the festivities with our gang.

we started the day at our local high school football game.

wellesley vs. needham
this is the oldest h.s. rivalry in the nation!
is that so cool?!?

sadly, we lost…

but, clearly, we still had fun!
look at all of us cheeeeesin:

we have this tradition that on thanksgiving,
we have “snacks” for lunch –
crackers, deli meat, cheese, veggies, pickles, fruit, dips…

and then – the real turkey bowl begins!

pre-thanksgiving dinner traditions:
kids’ activity books!

and, the big feast + our grateful hearts.
{photo prop mini chalkboard signs were from here.}

…i am still deeply in love with all these people, and they love me regardless of my holiday meltdowns. for that, i am extremely grateful.



{i am going to be mixing thanksgiving/christmas posts for the next few days while i still play catch-up.  please forgive me.}


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