{utah} blogger meet ‘n greet in video form

friends! how was your weekend? we returned home late last night and have jumped right back into our regular routine here in boston. our kiddos had a great winter vacation in utah – we packed every minute with play dates, our favorite food, and activities. they were sad to leave so i’ve got to keep reminding them in the next few days about what is great about living in boston! homesickness does not look good on little ones.

i’ve been so excited to share with you the highlights, photos, and videos of last weeks {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet. for me, the best part was seeing this event iā€™d worked on with shelby come together so beautifully. for a long time i’ve wanted an opportunity to gather bloggers + readers of blogs to tighten the unique community that is most often, only virtual.

second, it was so fun to meet some of my readers! i’ve said this before on seejaneblog, but i’ll say it again. i truly appreciate every one of you – those who leave comments + those who stop me in public to introduce yourselves because you read this blog + those of you who silently read — i appreciate you all so much.

we had the best sponsors, and the event was incredible because of each and every one.

KSL Studio 5 which is a morning show in utah was one of those sponsors in attendance at the meet ‘n greet.
just prior to the event, i was interviewed for a segment highlighting my brown kraft paper crafts —

action shot:

if you would like a peek at our event {and doily obsession!} you can click here.

there is now ha utah bloggers site that is up and running! {this will evolve in the near future – it’s a bit raw right now} you can click here to read more about the event + see a slew of pictures!

the meet’n greet was all, in one word…awesome. really. truly. awesome.

utah bloggers has great plans for the future – we can’t wait till the next event! {we’re planning good things for June} if we didn’t see you this past week, we hope to see you next time!


{photos via becky kimball, video via KSL}

7 responses to “{utah} blogger meet ‘n greet in video form

  1. Girl! That video clip was SO cute! You looked fab and the party was a SMASH! When people asked how it went I say, “It was so poppin’ someone fainted!” it was like a blog rock concert. xo

  2. So thrilled to hear it was such a successful event! So wonderful for all of you bloggers to meet up. Utah is pretty far away from Ontario šŸ˜‰ but if I was ever around, I’d definitely attend.

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