…was cold.

like, bitter cold.

we made plans for the annual neighborhood turkey bowl,
but no one showed up.
because, they are all smart and don’t go outside when it’s that cold!
however, we still bundled up and went…
it was our family, and the howell boys’ annual turkey kick ball!

thank goodness for the howell boys.
what, oh what, would we do without them?!?

once playing…we all warmed up and it was awesome.
i love a good game of kick ball.
and our kids do too…
we’re all kick ball fans.

however, husband was especially grumpy while i was trying to play and take pictures,
he didn’t think i was playing so well while holding a camera…

so, the camera had to be put away,
so my serious-kick ball skills could surface.

i think he was still disappointed in me,
i heard comments like,
“Myla, it’s a good thing our family has us…!”


regardless, the rhodes beat the howell’s & kj,


sela never got out of the car,
she was one of the smart ones who thought it was too cold to be outside,
and remained in the car.

kiana, seemed to find reasons to keep leaving the game…
she drove the car home & back to the park.
a couple of times.
{she’s obsessed with driving!}

then she decided to be the pitcher, once she warmed up—

i really believe our family just might play games together,
more than any other family on the planet!

dusty & i both come from game-loving families,
and days like this,
there are non-stop games…

board games, card games, lego games, puzzles, video games, you name it!

we broke out husbands birthday gift which was this,
he is a huge fan of both halo and risk. kj has been dying to play it.

we stocked up on some new LEGO games, this, this, and this.
all of these were a huge hit with the kids, but especially creationary!

sela’s hello kitty puzzle,
big papi and her are winking like hello kitty.

we had a couple of take-down moments
with the competition in the air—

we all love seeing kiana get taken down,
she sometimes thinks she’s outgrown this…

as i was setting the dinner table,
i caught a glimpse of the kitchen from afar,
i could see family all snuggled up together,
and i had to stop. pause. and soak in this moment.

right there, our home was warm, it had delicious smells just oozing from it.
it was filled with our family, good friends, extended family, a healthy new baby.
we have so incredibly much to be thankful for.
but most importantly,


and, it’s at moments just like this one, that i want to grab my kids
and say, “soak it up… remember what it feels like. save this memory”
because there will be days when, you are all alone, and you feel depleted and you just gotta remember…

our family is full of love.

i always make our kids and guests these activity books,
filled with all kinds of things, based on the ages of the kids.

the special thing about these books, is the tradition.
my kids start asking for them early on thanksgiving morning.

i hear moans and groans as i tell them they have to wait till dinner time
to have their books…

we have placed our own silly importance on them,
but they love it. they look forward to it. they compete to see who can finish the
word searches first, or who knows the thanksgiving trivia.

it bring us together,
in one more special way…

baby hazel had all the attention,
she is just yummy.

so perfect and tiny.

uncle ryan a.k.a. bubba whipped up some delicious gravy for us —

myla was right there helping, and sneaking early bites of turkey.

when i was a young girl, i have about three memories of special moments
my dad gave me jewelry, for holidays. i still have each piece of jewelry he game me. and i wear it, still today.

i have tried to create these same moments with my kids.
special jewelry t
o remember special moments.

this thanksgiving, i gave my girls these little wishbones,
i love what the attached card reads,

“make a wish and put on your necklace. you have the power to make your dreams come true. the trick is to believe in them with your whole heart, and chase after them until they become reality! wear your necklace as a reminder to dream on!”

perfectly said.

and, a perfect thanksgiving.


10 responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. oh i should have been born into your family! I LOVE games. all kinds! apparantly boston and i are too competitive at times that it ruins it for cory. so now our games consist of "old maid" and "toy story yahtzee" for now! ha

    beautiful tables, you are always so good at making a wonderful thanksgiving.

  2. your thanksgiving sounds perfect in every way. your family is so lucky to have you. oh and i'd love to get together when you are here next summer 😉

  3. I can't believe Kiana already knows how to drive and she's 12. Thats awesome. She will be one amazing driver!

  4. I can't believe Kiana already knows how to drive and she's 12. Thats awesome. She will be one amazing driver!

  5. Where's Janey in all those pictures?? BAD HUBBY!! (Note taken for next TGiving!)

    Did Shannon just say she's competitive. you've come a long way girl… all i remember thinking is how competitive you are and you saying the whole time, I'm just not competitive, I'm just not competitive… WHATEVER!! You and yours need to come over for games ALL THE TIME!! If there isn't some crying afterward you didn't play hard enough… 🙂

  6. What a great thanksgiving you created! Sorry we left you to play the turkey bowl alone this year. I was really looking forward to stealing the ball from Myla again…:-).

  7. Your Thanksgiving looks perfect! Love it all! Mine was so chaos (in a fun way) that I didn't even get one picture!

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