the boston common frog pond.

i would like to write this post & simmer down my passion for such events. because, to be honest – most of the rhodes family excluding myself are pretty darn awful at ice skating. husband and i managed to keep sela safe for one full lap.

…kiana squealed and screamed as she almost kept falling – nearly killed herself while we sweat over the thought of her being hurt for dance. myla and kj voluntarily left the rink after one lap {clinging to the wall & myla took a hard fall on her bum.} both more excited about the cocoa being sold than the ice skating. and, the howell’s all seem to be pros. weird.

however, when you’re in the city after dark in the winter, and you stumble upon this scene —

how can i not ooze and ooze about how amazing it was?

…put frog pond ice skating on your radar. it’s magical. even if you’re not good at skating.
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3 responses to “the boston common frog pond.”

  1. Jane..I also moved from Boston (Marlbrough) from Utah and it is so fun to see you explore this city. It is such a fun city. I’ll have to go ice skatink at the commons.

  2. Wow, it looks like you guys are really loving life in Boston. Looks like so much fun! We are not big ice skaters either. We get all excited about doing it and then I remember how much my ankles always hurt afterwards. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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