illustrated watercolor valentine via seejaneblog shopWe had a new idea for Sela’s valentine’s this year – she modeled for me, and I took her picture then turned her into an illustration. I also did a little watercolor, then we scanned, and printed on yardstick to make them into cards. This was the funnest project. And now her cards are little Sela’s! We just added some of her favorite treats in red and pink, and a little leather tie. wha-la! If you happen to have a little hipster who would like these too – the download is available in the shop.

girl hipster style via seejaneblog
hipster valentine printable via seejaneblog shop
illustrated valentines via seejaneblog
TOTES HIP printable valentine via seejaneblog
Hipster valentines with labradoodle photobomber via seejaneblog
Totes HIP valentine with labradoodle photobomber via seejaneblog
Illustrated watercolor hipster valentines via seejaneblog
Totes hip hipster valentine via seejaneblog
Hipster valentine via seejaneblog shop
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laptop valentine

February 9, 2015

laptop valentine card printable via seejaneblog shopIt’s hard to give out valentines cards when you are in sixth grade – you want something cool and more mature, something unique, a card that shows your style. So this year when I kept thinking about my techy son, and his obsession with the Beattles I kept trying to think of how we could combine the two…

I finally went to the store and stood in the candy aisle attempting to create something techy when I finally had the idea to create a laptop out of a Trident pack of gum! I liked the silver packaging on the ends that help the appearance look like a real macbook. Considering the fact we are apple fans in our home.


Succulent valentine.

February 9, 2015

love succs valentines tags via seejaneblogSometimes, love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and someone in your life might enjoy a smile based on honesty for valentines day… So, choose your favorite succulent and attach one of these gift cards found in my shop HERE!

I could have made an endless supply of options for the gift tags, but narrowed it down to “LOVE SUCCS” – “LOVE DOES NOT SUCC” – “BEING YOUR FRIEND SUCCS” and “BEING YOUR FRIEND DOES NOT SUCC” I’m positive we each know someone who would like one of these. Brighten someone’s day with a succulent!
succulent valentine printable via
succulent valentine tags download via
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see_jane_valentine_still06Our little sela has been in a sewing phase for quite some time now – she’s all about creating her own fashions for her dolls, and any other toy objects around our home that beg for hand-sewn creations. So, a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in one of my art history classes this semester when I had this idea: Sela needs a sewing-card valentine and from that idea, this printable evolved!

Hopefully, some of you know children who will enjoy these too!

You can find the printable for one dollar in my shop.

To make:

  1. Print the valentine on white card stock.


Printable FESTIVE sewing cards

December 13, 2014

Elf on the shelf with yarn and lace cards printable via seejaneblog

Looking for an activity to keep your kiddos busy this month? Maybe santa needs a little extra time to get things done…

This is it! Let the little people in your life practice their sewing skills! The best part, I thought this was fun, so your older kids might like it too! Be creative with your yarn choices – or use more than one at a time!


elf on the shelf report card printable via seejaneblog

Need to give your kiddos a message that they are behaving really well or being a little stinker? Here’s your chance! Print these Elf on the shelf report cards via my shop, HERE, and check off whichever boxes apply to your kiddos!

Have your teenagers been driving too fast? kissing too many boys or girls? Have your little ones been wetting the bed a little too often? Or, do you have a perfect angel??? It’s all on there!