Elf on the Shelf + elf size MINECRAFT box head printable

I had this elf size minecraft box head idea before the holidays last year and just could not find time to get it done – but it came to fruition this year with the help of an Elf minecraft dream team: Lovely Lindsay for the printable design, and Trisha Zemp Smith for the stop motion video – how fun are the finished results??? I LOVE it! I seriously was clapping my hands and laughing over and over during the creation of the video, one of the funnest projects I’ve helped with in a long time. I absolutely loved it and look forward to doing more, soon.

To make the MINECRAFT box head – elf size:

1) Download the printable in my shop HERE.
2) Print it. I recommend using white card stock.
3) Using an exacto knife and ruler for straight lines, cut-out the template:

Trim the template using a ruler and exacto knife via seejaneblog

Trim the circle via SeeJaneBlog

4) Using the same ruler, fold the box where needed:

Turn the template over and fold along all folding edges via SeeJaneBlog

5) Glue where needed:

Glue where needed via SeeJaneBlog

6) Finished box head! Enjoy!!! It will fit all traditional Elf on the Shelf elves, and Barbie’s.

Elf on the Shelf MINECRAFT creeper box head via seejaneblog

Elf on the Shelf MINECRAFT creeper box head ELF size printable via SeeJaneBlog

If you make this box head I would love to see – please share on Instagram with the hash tag #SeeJaneElf

Photos by: Trisha Zemp Smith.

9 responses to “Elf on the Shelf + elf size MINECRAFT box head printable”

  1. Thanks so much! This was a great success at our house! Our creeper-head-wearing elf hijacked the iPad and built a Christmas village in one of my daughter’s worlds. She had no idea elves were so hip. Thanks again for making this printable and posting it for free!

    • Amy – I am SO so sorry, you should have received a link in an email confirmation to download & print within just a few minutes. Have you gotten it since this comment? If not, I will email it to you! Let me know. And I haven’t checked my blog in ages, so sorry for this late reply. Horrible customer service on my part. My mistake.

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