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laptop valentine card printable via seejaneblog shopIt’s hard to give out valentines cards when you are in sixth grade – you want something cool and more mature, something unique, a card that shows your style. So this year when I kept thinking about my techy son, and his obsession with the Beattles I kept trying to think of how we could combine the two…

I finally went to the store and stood in the candy aisle attempting to create something techy when I finally had the idea to create a laptop out of a Trident pack of gum! I liked the silver packaging on the ends that help the appearance look like a real macbook. Considering the fact we are apple fans in our home.

So, I shared the idea and a sketch with Lindsay Stoyan – my amazing graphics girl and after a few drafts – we had a winner! I LOVE how it turned out!
techy valentine download via seejaneblog
techy valentine with trident gum download via seejaneblogThe laptop valentine download is available in my shop: HERE.

To make:

  • I recommend printing the laptop valentines on white card stock.
  • Cut out the laptop temples with a paper cutter.
  • You will see really faint scoring lines in each place that the card needs to fold – use a ruler or the side of a table to fold the template in these places, so it looks like below:

geek valentine download via seejaneblog

  • Using glue dots or double sided tape (I used ZOTS), place your choice of adhesive on the back side of the template and following the packaging around the pack of Trident – attach the template onto the pack of gum.

techy valentine printable via seejaneblog

Wha-la! you have a mini laptop valentine! While I was setting up to take photos for this project, Sela was begging to have a few of the laptops for her Barbie’s…

And of course, I conceded and gave her a few – and in no time she had styled these little settings with the computers, so I had to take pictures:

techy valentine card - mini apple macbooks - download via seejaneblog
mini laptop valentine download via seejaneblog
techy valentine laptop download via seejaneblog
laptop valentine download - just add a pack of trident gum - via seejaneblog

What do you think? Maybe this will make some of the cool techy geeks in your lives happy on valentine’s day! xo.

Graphic by Lovely Lindsay, Photography by me, Jane Rhodes

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