minecraft valentines!

as promised, here are the “boy” valentines for this year. however, i use the term boy loosely – at our house, minecraft is a very co-ed passion. my son kj, and my younger two daughters all enjoy playing minecraft – with that said, kj is the true video game playa at our house, he enjoys playing the game as well as minecraft hosting. so, i really wanted to create something minecraft-related for his valentines this year.

i have been thinking about this valentine idea for weeks and i believe the possibilities are endless. for example, i could have used the word, “mine” a few dozen different ways! finally i settled on wishing you a crafty valentines day! — and the card includes a craft!

minecraft valentines + free printable via seejaneblog

if you follow me on instagram {@see_jane} then you know my kiddos have fun with these minecraft box heads. the inspiration for our valentines!

minecraft box heads via seejaneblog

the valentine card can be found in my shop – here for one dollar – and can be used in a variety of ways! mini pyramids, lego heads, and pencil toppers!

minecraft valentine mini box heads via seejaneblog

KJ is my least interested child in valentines day, so he was very pleased that all he had to do for his cards was sign his name!

minecraft valentines with my mister via seejaneblog

since we are snowed-in, and waiting for the blizzard of 2013 to pass, my little mister and i made a whole bunch of the mini minecraft boxes this afternoon. we came up with lots of ways to play with them. the steps are easy:

  • trim
  • fold
  • tuck
  • glue

if you want to make the minecraft box a lego head, or pencil topper… simply punch holes in the bottom square before you tuck and glue! also, KJ is going to tell his friends at school to photo copy the valentine at home before they get crafty, if they want more than one. post-project advice: elmer’s glue sticks work great. but, we used our hot glue gun when we wanted to make a whole bunch really quick.

minecraft valentines box pencil toppers via seejaneblog

minecraft lego box heads, printable via seejaneblog copy

minecraft valentines + free printable

PURCHASE the minecraft valentine here, i recommend printing the cards on white card/cover stock. currently, we are not allowed to drive here in boston. but, if i can get to a store soon, i think it would be cute to include a small pair of scissors and glue stick with each card in a little bag.

have you heard the news on the street? there is a new, trendy, video app! it’s called, “vine” and we are just as obsessed with it as instagram! hard to believe right? vine is a fun way to see and share life in motion. create short, beautiful, looping videos for your friends and family to see. if you have a smart phone and get the app, you can follow my video adventures as “Jane Rhodes.” i made a six second-looping video how-to-create the minecraft valentine boxes! check it out! the creative possibilities with vine are endless. i absolutely love it.

lots of love sent to you minecraft fans today! xo.

{production, styling, and photos by Jane Rhodes. graphics by lovely lindsay for seejaneblog.}

38 responses to “minecraft valentines!

  1. These are so great! There seems to be very little marketed for Minecraft, these are perfect. I found you via Design Mom and once I saw that there was a Red Sox fan (pitchers and catchers report today!) in your family I had to follow you on IG. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much!!! We printed these on photo paper and they came out beautifully. I was wondering what we’d do this year since my son’s 5th grade class still has a Valentine’s Day party but he thought most store options were cringeworthy. These were the perfect solution!!!!!

  3. It was so generous of you to share your idea… My 9-yr-old is so excited now to pass out his valentines! Thank you!!

  4. These are fabulous! My son is a huge Minecraft fan! I found you through a google search, thank you so much for sharing!

  5. This is so awesome, thank you so much for creating these and sharing with everyone! My son is so excited to give these out in his class!! Very appreciative!! 🙂

  6. These are wonderful!! My son is ecstatic that he can actually give great Minecraft valentines to his friends at school! We’re going to try substituting the dirt squares with squares of gold ore or diamond ore. And it’s so great to have a paper craft boys will like. Thank you SO much, and happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Thank you SO much! I took my boys to Walmart to buy some last week and they were really wanting Minecraft Valentine’s but of course – nothing! We purchased regular ones but I am totally printing these out tonight and having them give these out. They are going to LOVE this!!!!

  8. Leave it up to me to wait until THE DAY BEFORE Valentine’s Day to craft my son’s cards! Of course, he wants a Minecraft theme so here we are. Now I just have to get cardstock, pencils, printer cartridges, glue sticks…oh and groceries. It’s going to be a long afternoon.

  9. Oh my gosh!! You are a LIFE SAVER! Here I am, already after 1:00 in the morning, and my son wanted Minecraft Valentine Day cards — and wow! Thank you! Thank heavens for this internet sharing! We’d hit Target and the Dollar Store, and there was nothing left, nothing but Justin Beiber (!!!) so I was hoping we’d figure something out — and finally getting here — well, thank you! 🙂

  10. How hysterical! I just stopped and read all the above comments and see all the nine year olds! My son is nine years old, too! And I also have to laugh at all the other night (day?!) before people too! Ahh! I feel so much better! Actually had printed out a couple of cheesy Star Wars more traditional “Lovey Dovey”, well the best I guess was “Yodor the one for me” — but these are IDEAL! M son will be thrilled — after falling asleep at the table over his homework tonight (sigh, also last minute!) So perfect to wake up to these tomorrow morning! Thanks again!

  11. I know it’s June, but I am saving the download for my Minecraft obsessed son in case he wants Minecraft Valentine’s. Great idea, thank you for sharing!

  12. I’m a fan of Minecraft, and I can’t wait to make some of these! Even though it’s not Valentines, I’ll just make these for fun 🙂

  13. These are wicked awesome! 😉

    We have a minecraft birthday party to host tomorrow. These will come in very handy as a craft. Thank you!

    Will also keep them for valentines day.

  14. could you please send me this free printable Valentine. Thank you very much. I see no link to download.

    Laura Gouzecky

  15. HELP PLEASE! So need to purchase the Minecraft valentine but when I his the Shop Item tab it brings me to this comment post. Please email me and tell me how to purchase these perfect cuties! THANK YOU!! Tracey Anderson

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