my kids all go to school…

October 10, 2012

none of us were ready for back to school this year. we all wanted more summer vacation, more family time, more laziness. but regardless off how we felt, it happened. school started.

this year is a serious milestone. all of my kids are in school! not just preschool and up {considering preschool is a voluntary option.} but, they are all enrolled in kindergarten through high school, and i have reached this point of motherhood all too quickly, soon I’ll be looking for workplace furniture from somewhere like office monster so they can have a place to concentrate and do school work.

when you have your first baby,



July 2, 2012

I have a whole lotta catching up to do with this blog + our new home. spring is so busy as a family. At least, that is my opinion – you have more sports being played + end-of-year-everything-recitals-programs + it’s the kids’ last chance to finish school work and/or improve grades + spring fever…

so, here it goes, a little review of what the kiddos did this spring:

sell-bells finished her first year on a dance company, she had three competitions and has decided to take a year off from the scene. she loved performing and getting trophies but also thinks it’s a little too much work. so, we’ll take a year off and go back another year.


myla: wax museum

November 20, 2011

myla has adjusted to junior high so well here in boston. i don’t get to visit the schools as often as i did in utah. boo. however, for one of myla’s first projects in social studies they invited the parents to a “wax museum” to show us what they learned about the roman empire. she was a typical roman woman:

myla's wax museum project

each student had to dress like their part, and had a “button” for us to push. They had to stand like statues until the button was pushed, then they would come alive. At this time, they would recite what they had memorized about their parts. it was very clever, and cute.

myla as a common roman lady

{photos by me.}


sela’s preschool.

September 27, 2011

news to me: it is a massachusetts state law, that as a parent, you are not allowed to take photos of your child, their school, or any of the activities/events. this is to protect the children/parents from unwanted exposure.

so, i will not be posting any photos this year of such events.

however, when sela started her preschool this fall, because she was a brand-new-student, she was required to attend two “visits” prior to school starting. during these visits i was told it was the only time i could photograph her at school + one of her teachers. so, i took advantage of the opportunity —

these visits were organized by the school for her to go through their entire daily routine in about half-the-time,


first day of school in bahston.

September 14, 2011

i love new challenges, starting lines, monday mornings, knowing there’s room for bigger and better.

…exciting in that first-day-of-school kind of way. when the pencils are freshly sharpened, the backpack is organized and the notebooks are waiting to be filled —

it’s called potential, and i like it.

my kiddos are standing at the front of the line for huge potential this year, and already i’ve witnessed their growth.  they are constantly treading outside of their comfort zones.  and, that.  that is pushing them to succeed.

we have had some very cool surprises while preparing to go to school here. for example, kiana considered taking a year off of dance to have more time available to take classes in photoshop/design –