sela’s preschool.

news to me: it is a massachusetts state law, that as a parent, you are not allowed to take photos of your child, their school, or any of the activities/events. this is to protect the children/parents from unwanted exposure.

so, i will not be posting any photos this year of such events.

however, when sela started her preschool this fall, because she was a brand-new-student, she was required to attend two “visits” prior to school starting. during these visits i was told it was the only time i could photograph her at school + one of her teachers. so, i took advantage of the opportunity —

these visits were organized by the school for her to go through their entire daily routine in about half-the-time, as practice. this allowed her to be comfortable with the class routine when school started. sela has been so nervous with everything here in boston that was new. the girl is a constant mess of tears each time we do something for the first-time. then, she’s improves with the second, third, or fourth time around…

having that said, let me share that myla has always been the kid-protector in our family. she has a chunk of her character that is labeled “loyal defender” a.k.a. “bully” deep inside, and because of that, her siblings know that she will protect them. we have stories to back-up why they feel this way.

because of this, sela only wanted myla to attend her “visits” with her, to keep her safe. ha!

myla was a great sport – she painted, had snack time sitting next to her little sis, etc etc.

…and sela was safe the entire time!

sela has grown to love her new preschool. i adore her two teachers + the school is only a few blocks from our home, which makes me very happy.

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