valentine’s day: dud or dandy?

Annie asked her readers this past week if Valentine’s day is:
dud or dandy?
my valentine will not be home for valentine’s day, definite dud.
But, earlier this week, I had a delicious lunch at “classy cuisine” with some of my favorite gals…


{you have to check out Crew peaking in the picture on the left! such a handsome little guy!}

we even exchanged valentine’s!

maybe i have some of the world’s best girlfriends.

this may have been my biggest gift-receiving year. ever. for valentine’s day. DANDY!

Dusty was going to be home pre-valentine’s day and we had plans to stay in a cozy one bedroom cabin, but when business kept him a few more days overseas, the packages just kept on coming!

dandy, dandy!

He has NEVER done this. But, first, he signed into my “Nordstrom shopping cart” account online to check out if I had anyting hanging out in the cart…there were a few “i’d love to have this…items” and he purchased everything in the cart for me!

oh my my… it was dandy when this arrived!

the next day, a small box from sundance catalog was delivered with four smaller lovely boxes inside! you guessed it – dandy!

then, the next day, before the kids went to school, there was a cookie bouquet delivered! I have to note here… as Jenn was arriving at our house to pick-up my kids, she yelled from the window…{as the delivery guy was leaving}

“Jane! I don’t like to see strange guys leaving your house this early in the morning while Dusty’s out of town!”

omgosh, so dang funny!

cookies = dandy!

sela was all doll’d up for her dance class this week! she even handed out lollipops after the class.

Friday was party day at school…

shannon/boston; me/myla; jenn/chase
Jenn planned the most incredibly fun party for the 3rd graders. All I did was supply a large bowl of rice krispy treats, because she had a chocolate fountain! Then they played “heads-down, thumbs-up” with hershey kisses, and everyone had to guess who they’d been kissed by! She had lots of other things too, but then it was time for me to sneak into Kiana’s class.

chase was dancing with his grandma gayle, how cute is grandma!?!

In Kiana’s class, lots of people supplied treats. I took plastic fancy glasses, with pink soda. We played “musical kisses,” and the kids all had so much fun! it was wild! instead of musical chairs, you stand in a circle and pass a hershey kiss. When it was each kids turn with the kiss, i made the kids spin around before they could pass it to the next person. When the music stops, you’re out, but you get to keep the hershey kiss. Then I supply a new one for the next round. It’s really cute, and this time I used the hershey kisses that were about 2 inches big for each round, and the final champion won a HUGE 4 inch hershey kiss. For older kids, they loved it. And, we used cool music.

After Kiana’s class party, I rushed into the end of KJ’s. My cute friend RoxAnna had planned most of their party, but I came in the end to also play musical kisses with the kindergarteners. KJ and his buddy Dub were way too cool to play. they opted not to but helped themselves to a hershey kiss anyway. Kj was willing to pose with Mrs. Sweetie pie for a picture, he truly adores his teacher. In fact, everyone loves Mrs. Harken!

On Friday evening, Myla said to Kiana and I…

“When I was playing at Chase’s house today, we were building a fort, and he asked me to be his valentine…”

Kiana and I {both with interested raised eyebrows}
“Really, what did you say?”

Myla: “I said yes.” {smiling}

well, well, this is the first “official” valentine-having any of my kids have had!

Chase was way too cute for words when he showed up today at our doorstep…

Myla didn’t have a gift for Chase but she invited him to spend the afternoon with us…

I took the kids to my favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkog Grill, they were all so well-mannered and willing to try everything I ordered for them! they all liked everything! Kiana had her friend Cheyenne with us and Chase was with Myla.

I had FIVE people ask me if all these kids were mine! Now looking at the picture, it does look like they could all line up by age, even with Myla and Chase both being nine, size-wise it looks like they could be different ages. One lady made a comment to KJ about him playing so nicely with his “older brother!” It’s so great for him to have such good neighborhood friends to play with since he has no brothers…

Our valentine’s day was truly a valentine’s week – and totally dandy!

happy valentine’s day

11 responses to “valentine’s day: dud or dandy?

  1. I love how everyone asks if those are your kid? haha
    Seriously when i do that i get the same quest. and the kids all act like they are mine! haha I love it though, it’s good to freak people out!

    Super fun Valentines week, you need to tell Dusty to stay out of town from now on on Valentines. haha
    You were so spoiled!!!

  2. WOW Where do I begin! I LOVE the shoes, and I love KJ with Grandma, and I love that Dusty is so sweet to send you far away Valentines, and Yeah-if those kids were all yours, it would be ok, because you are still cute and are a fun mom! Happy Valentines Day Rhodes family!

  3. Glad you had a great Valentine’s Day even though it would have been better if Dusty was there in person. He is so thoughtful to send the gifts – and very clever to check your Nordstrom cart!

    Mine was a mix because I had to work (major dud) but Troy hand-made me chocolate covered cinnamon bears after he couldn’t find them anywhere. Major dandy!

  4. dandy!!!

    well i agree that dusty spoiled you even though he was gone…good job!!!!

    and i just can’t get over how cute chase and myla are!! i love that you captured the exchange of the gift, i still can’t get over it.

  5. Big ups to Dusty! That was totally brilliant to look in your Nordstrom cart! He should hold seminars or something!:) I am seriously impressed:)
    And lookout for Chase! He is quite the romantic isn’t he? So cute!

  6. I agree – your Valentines was a dandy! And Dusty was only a day behind! I can’t believe all of the things he thought of – very cute! And Chase and Myla – I just love to watch them together.

  7. Sounds pretty dandy to me! Chase and Mylas are SO cute! I love the picture of him giving her her Valentine…so glad you got a picture of that! And your kids have the greatest class parties ever!!

  8. That all sounds so fun and “dandy.” My favorite part was Chase asking Myla to be his Valentine. The girls were talking in Jazz the other day about the weird boys that ask them to be their Valentine’s at recess. I got a kick out of it.

  9. Yum! Love the jewlry in the Sundance catalog! That makes it a little easier being away from your man! What a great way to show he’s totally thinking of you!

  10. Hi Jane. I usually don’t comment but cannot help myself…emptying out the Nordstrom shopping cart was completely brilliant!

    Thinking of a sly way to drop that hint to my hubby 🙂

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