first day of school in bahston.

i love new challenges, starting lines, monday mornings, knowing there’s room for bigger and better.

…exciting in that first-day-of-school kind of way. when the pencils are freshly sharpened, the backpack is organized and the notebooks are waiting to be filled —

it’s called potential, and i like it.

my kiddos are standing at the front of the line for huge potential this year, and already i’ve witnessed their growth.  they are constantly treading outside of their comfort zones.  and, that.  that is pushing them to succeed.

we have had some very cool surprises while preparing to go to school here. for example, kiana considered taking a year off of dance to have more time available to take classes in photoshop/design – after she decided to not stop dancing, she went to register for classes here & they had a digital arts class! she was thrilled! that is only one of the very cool five electives she chose. also, myla is taking industrial tech/wood working & if you know my myla, this is totally her kind of gig. she talks about the class every day.

…they have been in school two weeks, today.   and i’m over-the-moon to report that all of them have *transitioned beautifully.  miss thirteen has the sweetest girls that have taken her right in to their social group.  they like to meet before & after school at the starbucks that is around the corner from their middle school, and they spend time together on the weekends.  moosey has blended right in to middle school – she was so nervous because in utah she would have had one more year of elementary school.  myla went to school bawling on the first morning – upset stomach because she was so nervous, i was a basket case all day worrying about her – then she came home all smiles and didn’t even remember being nervous!  kj already spends his days at play dates, and from what i hear is the boy-crush of the 3rd grade — little miss four adores her preschool.  she has such kind teachers and loves her morning routine.  my heart is so relieved and proud.  cheers to *firsts*!

go do something new.  maximize your potential!!!

* let me clarify, everyone has transitioned beautifully, but everyone also realizes our hearts remain in utah. it would take a very long time of living here to feel like we belong here, and not out west. we are definitely western-bred… any one of my children would flee back to utah tomorrow if we gave them the opportunity. it’s going to take some time to feel like this is home.

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  1. your kids all look so dang cute. they always do. glad you’re all adjusting well and friends are being made 🙂 miss you guys!!

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