she’s a big kid now!

being the youngest in a family can be rough…

for the past couple of years, sela wakes up everyday and asks,

“what am i doing today, momma?”

she’s hoping there is something just for her! i try to plan her regular play dates, and we get out to the library, etc. but typically i respond with something like,

“well, you can come downstairs and exercise with me, then you’re going to hang out with grandma while i go to class. then we’re going to pick the kids up from school, go to art, piano, take kiana to dance. then myla and kj have tennis…you get to go to kj’s baseball game!”

{you get the idea}

and, sela happily goes about her day hanging out with all of us, content that none of the activities are focused on her.

also, while sela has been potty training we have been coaxing her,

“as soon as you can always go potty like a big girl, you’ll get to go to your own school!”

and every time she hears this, she gets big eyes filled with excitement…

then she wets her pants, again.

sela is registered for preschool this fall, and i have just hoped she would be 100% potty-trained by then…

then i heard about kids village summer camps. creative, fun, and active camps during june/july for kids ages 3-10. kids village is like the crown jewel of preschools as far as the impression it gives. like the parade of homes, preschool. it’s so adorable, and offers a great curriculum, it’s just always been a little too far for me to drive to on a regular basis. but, for a temporary summer camp, we could make it work.

i signed her up as a trial run. i thought this would be a great attempt at pre-preschool for the summer, and give her something to look forward to a couple of days a week while some of our summer days can be really busy.

sela has finished her first month. she went to summer camp eight times, and absolutely LOVED it! i cannot believe the amazing effects it had on her! she not only began behaving like an even ‘older’ 3 year old, but her potty skills are out of the roof! it’s awesome! it’s pretty much worth the expense just for improved potty skills!!!

sela attended camp with one of her cute friends, gabby. i loved sneakin’ in to check on her and see how much fun they were always having!

sela loved cooking in the gourmet kitchen, she made punch and sugar cookies. she loved music time, art time, recess, and story time. she loves the big tree to sneak around in. she thinks the bathrooms with the ‘little’ toilets and ‘little’ sinks are totally silly {but very functional!}, she LOVED lunch time, and that she packed her lunch like a real big kid each day, and always got in the car at the end of the camp telling me she ate her sandwich first! what a good girl.

she loved it so much, i signed her up for july to be with another friend! camp has been a great balance for us, because we have our busy days and our totally lazy days! we love summertime!

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  1. She is SO adorable!! I LOVE Kid's Village, it is amazing!! How fun for Sela to be able to go with her friend…she looks so happy!

  2. I found your blog through the Staker familys. I started reading hers during there accident! And I stubled on yours. So I read your past post about leaving comments. So here it is. 🙂
    I love looking at your pics! Your fam is so cute. And I was born and raised in good old Orem Utah! And moved to Gilbert, AZ when I was 13. So it's fun to see pics of things that I remember. Like the parade! 🙂
    My blog is private so if you want you can e mail me, and I will add you to my blog. I would love to have you check out my fam blog. You are so creative! Thanks for all your fun ideas. And cute posts!

  3. Can you please be a stylist for myself and Kenzie (and soon to be baby girl!)…. you always have everyone dressed to perfection. So cute! You guys have been so busy. Your 4th of July Celebrations look so fun!

  4. she is beyond darling!

    and, i too am hoping preschool this fall will get my little ezra to be better about going potty.

  5. looks so super fun! I wish they had that here in Colorado for Tater. Good for Sela and so happy for you with the potty training!

  6. This place looks fantastic. I love the pic of Sela with the sunglasses. She is such a cutie pie!

  7. Cute cute Sela! Love that little girl 🙂 So glad she's gettin' all potty trained!!! Hooray! You're such a great mom to your kids – I love reading your blog!

  8. YAHOOOO sela bella!! She is finally potty trained! hahahaha

    seriously so much work, but look how freaking adorable that school is. Love their camps and i am sure she had a fabulous time.

    she is truly the best little dresser!

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