December 26, 2009

i did it! i completely survived and even enjoyed my first international flight alone! i sat next to a guy who was not the friendliest, which was fine because i spent the bulk of my time reading and watching a movie. really, this is luxury time for a momma of four kids! i read, “three cups of tea,” and loved it. very touching, inspiring, and greg mortensen greatly reminds me of my bestie daphne who is a philanthropist at heart. i also watched this, and cried like a baby next to the not-so-friendly guy, it was apparent i made him slightly uncomfortable.


biking to borders

June 19, 2009

we have an amazing neighborhood.

this is our second annual kids summer book club.
it’s officially a tradition.

starting last year…{and look here}…once school is out, we ride our bikes to borders book store. each age group/gender chooses the book they are going to all read for the summer. we have lunch at bajio’s, and then ride our bikes back home.

later this summer, each of us mom’s will host one of the age groups for a little book group based on the theme of their book. we’ll have games, treats, etc.

so so fun. and educational!

this is only a portion of our group.


storytime @ Borders

March 6, 2008

This was our first storytime @ Borders, and it’s just so cute! It was Dr. Seuss day with the new “Horton” movie coming out, they read 2 stories, had coloring time, and got buttons/freebies to go with it! Then we headed to Bajio’s for lunch, Thanks Jen for the invite!

Crew & SelaBorders gives the kids the cutest treats at the end…little milkshakes & brownies!


was the book I read to Myla’s Class at their Christmas Party. I love this story, and the artwork is INCREDIBLE! I am considering using some of the “birds” as ideas for artwork on Myla’s walls in her room because the colors even match and it’s an adorable vintage look…Check it out! You can purchase it at Nordstrom.



November 16, 2007

For the second time this year, CABO was amazing. Dusty realized before we left that this trip had three great things going for it. First, we were going without kids. Second, we were going without any other couples/or people we knew in general (not to offend anyone, we LOVE to travel with friends – as you ALL know.) And third, I was not pregnant. The combination of those three things and a trip have not happened in 10+ YEARS! This is the bed we would lounge on each afternoon after we would finally wake up before/after noon…This was our view most of the time, unless of course the occasional dolphin went jumping by,