biking to borders

we have an amazing neighborhood.

this is our second annual kids summer book club.
it’s officially a tradition.

starting last year…{and look here}…once school is out, we ride our bikes to borders book store. each age group/gender chooses the book they are going to all read for the summer. we have lunch at bajio’s, and then ride our bikes back home.

later this summer, each of us mom’s will host one of the age groups for a little book group based on the theme of their book. we’ll have games, treats, etc.

so so fun. and educational!

this is only a portion of our group. it’s just not possible to get EVERY
ONE lined up on their bikes for the photo! you should honestly see us, on the street-sidewalks-trails. it’s amazing how many of us there are!!!
kiana was the main advocate of this book for her group… she has been reading the “uglies” and is almost finished so she was rallying support to read the next one-

myla and her gal pal chose –

KJ is reading with two groups of his buddies, they are split between two reading levels and being the avid reader that he is, he joined both!

sela and her toddler buddies chose-
time to read…
in a few weeks we’ll be book-club party-planning mommas!

5 responses to “biking to borders”

  1. I even told Jenn to get the books for her boys so they can be here for the Book Club Parties!

    So fun, we really do have such FABULOUS neighbors/friends, we are all so spoiled.

    p.s i just bought 4 loaves of Spelt bread at Good Earth! I think you told too many people about the best kept secret. haha

  2. What a great, fun, educational summer idea! Let me know how the book club parties go. I would love to do something like this!

  3. You really do have the best neighborhood ever! I had to laugh at Shannon's post about the spelt bread…I think a lot of people must read your blog because I have been buying that spelt bread for about 2 years now and it was never sold out and now my store is always sold out! LOL!!

  4. I love biking to Borders – quite possibly my favorite activity with the kids! Missing all of you.

  5. i had to read this post out loud to my sister-in-law because i totally think she needs to start this when her kid is big enough for a bike. SO CUTE!!!

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