i did it! i completely survived and even enjoyed my first international flight alone! i sat next to a guy who was not the friendliest, which was fine because i spent the bulk of my time reading and watching a movie. really, this is luxury time for a momma of four kids! i read, “three cups of tea,” and loved it. very touching, inspiring, and greg mortensen greatly reminds me of my bestie daphne who is a philanthropist at heart. i also watched this, and cried like a baby next to the not-so-friendly guy, it was apparent i made him slightly uncomfortable. lol!

i didn’t take a lot of pictures, only because when i am truly on vacation i step away from this little aspect of my life. in the picture below we are having lunch with the Bungay/Mercado families. this is a favorite korean restaurant in angeles city, pampanga.

lovella & jeremy, our dear friends, the day before their wedding!

two of my favorite things, fresh philippino mango & coke zero!

this is me with most of our office staff at the factory…

halo-halo, a very unique & yummy dessert in the philippines. i was excited this trip to find a vintage-inspired halo-halo tee shirt at one of their insanely amazing malls. but the picture below is the real thing. you mix all those goodies together and eat it, it’s more of a kids treat! but we love it, too!

each time i visit the philippines i am amazed at what restaurants/shops are making their way to the country. this time dusty & i had lunch once at “california pizza kitchen,” and “red mango” are all over! crazy! i was surprised last time i went to see “krispy kreme doughnuts” popping up, it definitely is nice to have the variety of food choices {similiar to home} when away from home!

i really didn’t want to come home from this trip, i would have liked someone to just bring my kids to me, and stay there as a family for a while longer. this is a beautiful time of year to be in the philippines, there’s no humidity, the weather is pretty average in the low 80’s each day. so relaxing, less to worry about it. the christmas festivities/decorations are amazing. it’s kinda like a huge christmas party every time you walk outside. just writing about it, makes me miss it {and the people} all the more… lets go back.

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  1. wow! i'm so jealous you get to go to the philippines so often!

    my husband served a mission in cebu and has wanted to take me back there forever, but we just haven't gotten the chance.

    and, just looking at that dessert is giving me a stomach ache..

  2. i want some of those mangos soooo bad! ok and that dessert looks incredible.
    So cool that you have a whole other life in the phillipines! sounds like a great trip! I can just picture you crying watching that movie. haha that guy missed out!

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