storytime @ Borders

This was our first storytime @ Borders, and it’s just so cute! It was Dr. Seuss day with the new “Horton” movie coming out, they read 2 stories, had coloring time, and got buttons/freebies to go with it! Then we headed to Bajio’s for lunch, Thanks Jen for the invite!

Crew & SelaBorders gives the kids the cutest treats at the end…little milkshakes & brownies!

6 responses to “storytime @ Borders”

  1. That was so fun! Around the Holidays they give out the cutest little Hot Cocoa and you get to do such cute little arts and Crafts.

    It’s every Thursday at Noon!

  2. Sela looks so grown up sitting in that chair next to her cute friend!

    I love that Barnes & Noble/Borders do this. Troy has taken Brady a couple of times but he stopped going because somebody started breastfeeding and he felt uncomfortable being the only guy there!

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