happy friday!

January 6, 2012

friends, this past year i have been reading, the happiness project. have you read it? heard of it? it’s written by Gretchen Rubin and it’s based on,

“Why I {she} spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my {her} closets, fight right, read aristotle, and generally have more fun.”

there are twelve chapters in the book & this year, i’d like to highlight each of those chapters here on see jane blog.

on the first friday of each month, “happy friday,” i will introduce & discuss each chapter, starting with January and Chapter 1. I’ll give a little insight into what i was impressed with &


365 days…

January 1, 2012

i was raised in a religion that is goal-happy. and whether this is what influenced me or not while i was growing up, i make goals like some people breathe. really. it’s a natural behavior for me.

i make goals before i wake up of what i want to accomplish by 9am, what needs to be done later that day, what i expect to do this week, this month, this year, etc etc. i think about these goals in my head, i write them on post-it notes, i type them into my phone… i even make goals for the other members of my family. they love that. {myla, you want to make your bed,


our gym… and a challenge.

September 9, 2011

lately, i have been forgoing the gym and the laundry and the upstairs bathroom that despertly needs to be cleaned and instead trying to get caught up on blogging, enjoying friends who came to visit, and trying to adapt to our new back-to-school-schedule.

i wake-up and put on my work-out clothes, i wear them all day while enjoying all that is new around us…

and then, i take them off and go to bed. did you catch that detail: i never worked out.


i have a new challenge for myself, and for anyone who would like to join me.

i am going to get in great shape, in the next six weeks.


twenty eleven.

January 14, 2011

i have big big plans for you, twenty eleven…

husband and i were chatting last week, and while he was mentioning goals for 2011 in regards to his company, he mentioned this quote…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. ~Albert Einstein

these seventeen words sent my mind in a whirlwind.

thrilling excitement.

how often i find myself doing the same thing, over and over and over, and waiting for improvement in so many categories of my life.

how many thousands of situps can i do, and expect my stomach to be flat?


goals update…

February 11, 2010
#1 tears of joy, all the time

at 8:15pm tonight i received this text from sara,

“I am forever changed and so undeserving. This is truly a miracle. He has LITERALLY been raised and brought back from the dead by faith, prayers, and the power of the priesthood.


There are no words. He is absolutely the same boy we loved before he nearly left us. We are so glad he chose to come back to us. We are so blessed to be a part of his special mission. He has touched so many.

Right now he is breathing on his own, sitting up by himself,