twenty eleven.

i have big big plans for you, twenty eleven…

husband and i were chatting last week, and while he was mentioning goals for 2011 in regards to his company, he mentioned this quote…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. ~Albert Einstein

these seventeen words sent my mind in a whirlwind.

thrilling excitement.

how often i find myself doing the same thing, over and over and over, and waiting for improvement in so many categories of my life.

how many thousands of situps can i do, and expect my stomach to be flat?

how many times can i remind kj to wear his retainer, yet he still forgets?

how many times can i wish for better relationships but not change my approach to them?

so, as i had almost finished my list of new-year’s-resolutions,
i highlighted the entire list, and hit DELETE.
because, i’d found an entirely new inspiration.

do things differently.

do not go insane.

big things are underway here at the rhodes home,
and while i don’t know where the future will go,
i am going to do my darn-best to apply albert’s theory.
{after all, he seemed like a pretty-smart-guy}

with this new inspiration,
i still have a list of resolutions-
because i am a big-time-list-girl,
new list, slightly tweaked…

with my blog:

  • i plan on putting more thought into every post.
  • better quality photos. better writing. less posting.
    {this is for me: limiting my time spent blogging… it’s going to be hard!}
  • flashback fridays are going to still exist, but may be only once or twice a month.
  • i want to meet {virtually} more of my readers. {so, please leave comments!}
  • i want to become more familiar with the design-blogging world, to jump-start this i am attending this, next week—i’m SO excited! i started researching all the blogs/speakers who are going to be at the summit, check out heather’s bio, she sounds so entertaining and brilliant! i really can’t wait…
  • and last, i want to finally turn my blog into a book, it might have to be ten books with how many posts i have, but regardless, this is the year.

with school:

this is an interesting goal, because i was enrolled for this semester, i went to classes for two days, turned in one assignment, then proceeded to drop all my classes for this semester, yesterday… too much life is happening right now to be concerned with projects/homework…

  • so, my goal is to be enrolled in classes again, one year from now.
  • because of no homework, i want to be designing whenever possible for practice – i’m going to attempt to design at least 2 blog headers a week. if you’re interested, let me know!
  • and, just asking: what are your opinions about the new header? like? dislike? miss the stripes? if you are interested in having the stripes on your header/blog, let me know, they’re for sale!


  • i want to be in the best shape of my life, at the end of 2011. not just physically. but also emotionally. mentally. spiritually. financially. it’s really time to rock this whole-thirty-five thing.
  • here is one you can all help me with, especially my besties, i am helping kiana become a better-hugger this year, by drowning her with hugs. all. the. time. she’ll just love it if everyone is hugging her! so, give the bear a squeeze! give her three squeezes. make sure she reciprocates the squeeze, too!
  • stay off my phone, while driving. {meaning: no checking fb, texts, email etc. etc. etc}
  • simplify. meaning: less is more. since christmas, i have already taken ten hu-mongo black garbags bags out of this house full of junk. i’ve dropped off bags at thrift stores, re-organized storage… you name it, super-organization is underway around here. and, i am going to apply this in many aspects of our life. with albert’s advice.
  • cook. i’ve also home-cooked more in the past two+ weeks than i have in the past year. and i’m loving it – i would like to take cooking classes this year, when offered locally with little commitment. meaning: one hour, two hours, here and there – if you’re interested, let me know and we can do this little adventure together. i’ve been doing my research to find out what is available.
  • this year, is the year of home-made gifts. i love giving gifts, and i love making the gifts myself. i just don’t always take the time to do this. i especially want to focus on using graphics in my homemade gifts whether it be paper products, someone wants a new blog design, business card, holidays cards, etc. etc. if you have a request, family/besties, please let me know!
  • read. more.

that’s it, for now… more will pop into my head as time goes by…


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
~Mary Oliver

and one more, in this quote-filled post…

“Never mind searching for who you are.
Search for the person you aspire to be.”

~Robert Brault

cheers to 2011! i hope everyone’s expectations are madly exceeded!

16 responses to “twenty eleven.”

  1. k so i love that quote from Albert Einstein~ he's a genius! 😉

    i just think that is so awesome that you are going to that blogging convention!! i just scrolled through the bloggers that will be there. I can totally see you giving seminars on blogging VERY SOON! ha

    love your inspiration for the new year!

  2. LOVE it Jane! Love your quotes, and your entire post…you have such a great way with words. I love all your goals for the new year, they have inspired me for sure! I am going to be more consistent with blogging this year and I am in the process of figuring the rest out 🙂

  3. Hello, Stranger! I have been out here lurking… and your blog just keeps getting better and better. Love your resolutions/inspirations and hope you had a great birthday! Miss you all!

  4. Hmmm… awesome post to read my first five minutes in Manila. You are on fire girl… SIZZLE! I hope to support everything you want to do and accomplish. The Rhodes for sure have some big changes coming in 2011!!

  5. Good for you, Jane! I hope you can put your plans into action 🙂

    I do like the new header because it's classy and simple. Although I think I miss the "brightness" of the black that used to be on it!

    Happy 2011!

  6. That Qote is Amazing! Im going to apply that to my life! This is the year to make it all better, and have a great year!!
    I want to cook more, spend more time with my kids, be a better stay @ home mom and wife.
    I want to always remember who I AM and not loose track of that!
    I want to blog more, read more, and learn more!
    Life is fast! And I want to slow down and enjoy it with the ones that I love.

    ps. I do miss the stripes!! But im a softy for anything black and white! Im thinking of re-doing my master with black and white stripes on one wall.. and maybe a robins egg blue for accents. what do you think?

  7. I also love that quote!! I chose a "word of the year" instead of resolutions this year…I hope I can do it! BELIEVE!!

    I want write better too, and make my posts more meaningful!! You're blog inspires me to do better!

    Love the new header too! hmmm…maybe I need a new look to my etsy shop! 🙂

  8. I love your resolutions and your blog. I love following it and seeing all the amazing things you accomplish. Your an example of keeping your spirit and spunky side alive even when we start to age haha!!!

  9. Jane,
    Your blog is already so meaningful and sincere. I can't imagine it being more so. And you are a beautiful mother and wife who soaks up everything you're doing. You could very well be the most positive person I've met. Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams 🙂

  10. Just came across your blog, and glad I did! Loved this post filled with inspiring goals and great quotes! I so needed it today. Especially the quote about doing the same thing and expecting different results… um hello! That has been so me lately. Trying to accomplish too much and not feeling like I'm really accomplishing anything… aghhh! I really need to change things up. I'm revamping my goals. 😉 Thanks for your awesome honesty!
    I'm going to Alt too so hopefully we will be able to meet! I'm so excited! See you in a few days.
    xo Alisa

  11. I went to a really great cooking class last month at Jacob's cove! Look up Raw Melissa on FB and look at her events. We made the yummiest soup I have made it several times since. She uses organic in season produce and healthy recipes and she sometimes streams them so you can also just watch from home. It was about an hour on a Saturday morning. Great goal list, happy new year!

  12. I'm TOTALLY in for cooking classes! That is my goal for this year too. I started looking at options during the Christmas break–I can cook but i want to REALLY cook. Ok, what have you found? And PS… you are beyond inspirational. 🙂

  13. My New Year's resolution is to write my New Year's resolutions. :-). I've been too busy holding my breath I didn't even think to do it. You've inspired me. I constantly think about that quote from Einstein-I use it on
    my kids :-). But I need to reapply it to myself. Resolution #1: Don't make resolutions at 1am- it all seems too overwhelming.

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