365 days…

i was raised in a religion that is goal-happy. and whether this is what influenced me or not while i was growing up, i make goals like some people breathe. really. it’s a natural behavior for me.

i make goals before i wake up of what i want to accomplish by 9am, what needs to be done later that day, what i expect to do this week, this month, this year, etc etc. i think about these goals in my head, i write them on post-it notes, i type them into my phone… i even make goals for the other members of my family. they love that. {myla, you want to make your bed, everyday. really, you do!}

and, i believe in monday mornings. passionately. every seven days you get a fresh start. every twelve months, you get a new year. it’s like this huge blank canvas waiting to be painted with a beautiful story.

can you tell i am thrilled about the upcoming twelve months… 365 days of life waiting to unveil itself.

{our family – last night, nye in nyc!}

a few of my goals for 2012:

I am going to love every second i get with my husband & kids, whether it’s preparing their breakfast, lunches, dinners, driving them to activities, snuggling at bedtime. i’m constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful family i’ve been given.

I am going to focus on being healthy. no extreme weight loss plans, just happy to be alive – balance what i eat, enjoy the outdoors & exercise – often. i plan on trying lots of new things.

I plan on creating. all the time. lots of projects are bouncing around in my head. lots of hopes for this lil blog.

I am going to travel with my family & sight-see, and absorb all the world has to offer.

I hope to always be a true & genuine friend.

and that’s it for now. i am going to post more about this later this month. so, stay tuned!


what are YOU going to do this year?

i wish you all great success and hoping you all find what it is that you love doing…and do it!
…you’d be surprised what a little believing in yourself can do.


7 responses to “365 days…”

  1. Happy New Year Jane! You are truly an inspiration and blessing in my life. Ill admit after discovering your blog was open again I spent two hours reading and catching up on Rhodes news! Congratulations on your new life on the east coast and your family looked beautiful in your Christmas card, and Sela and Myla’s birthday were two cute for words! NYE in NYC is a dream of mine too, so glad you guys were able to go! I love your goals… good luck with them. All your readers believe in you!

  2. “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

    I thought you’d love this quote… we are becoming greater when we achieve our goals and we are teaching our children to become greater!


  3. This is my favorite “New Year” post of all the blogs I read! I love so many things you said..especially love this “…365 days of life waiting to unveil itself.”
    What a wonderful way to look at the New Year!

  4. I need to become more goal oriented.

    two goals, procrastinate less and start my own blog, given I had my first baby in 2011 and my husband and I are both Aussies temporarily stranded in England, I’d love for the family to be more connected to our lives.

    PS I like that quote

  5. I’m a list maker too! One might find “find the sticky note list that is missing” on a current list I made later that day. I tend to roll like that! I love making goals but I think I tend to focus on bettering myself (was that a word? Is now!) rather than creating world peace or some other massive function to conquer goals on a larger scale. I find when I keep it simple sista (KISS) I find and keep more happiness, joy and love of life as life tends to not be overlooked, including being grateful for my own family. 🙂

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