our gym… and a challenge.

lately, i have been forgoing the gym and the laundry and the upstairs bathroom that despertly needs to be cleaned and instead trying to get caught up on blogging, enjoying friends who came to visit, and trying to adapt to our new back-to-school-schedule.

i wake-up and put on my work-out clothes, i wear them all day while enjoying all that is new around us…

and then, i take them off and go to bed. did you catch that detail: i never worked out.


i have a new challenge for myself, and for anyone who would like to join me.

i am going to get in great shape, in the next six weeks.

seriously. only six weeks.

i have been-OFF-sugar for one month, and have lost three pounds. unfortunately, i gained at least ten this summer, so three is not going to keep me in my skinny jeans this fall. i must be eating well, AND exercising to get great results.


soon after we arrived here, we went searching for a local gym. after trying out a few, we chose the boston sports club. they are unlike any health club we’ve ever joined, mainly because they focus on family fitness. traditionally, the gyms i’ve had memberships with, if you choose to use the childcare – the kids are all in one room together & it’s somewhat of a defend-yourself-babysitting-zoo with an extreme lack of order. never been much of a fan. so, i’ve typically tried to work out at home to avoid taking my kids there over the years.

boston sports club has a very modern approach, in that they also want the kids active while at the gym. so, if i take sela and/or kj, they get to go to the large basketball gym & the kid-trainers run drills with them, shoot hoops, jump rope, etc etc. also, if the kids choose to stay in the kids club room, they make crafts, have snacks, it’s really cool. the parents like the kids being active & the kids have a great time! my munchkins love our little routine {well. to be honest, sela cried & screamed the first four times she went due to seperation anxiety from me – but now she loves it!}: i drop them off at the kids club, i get my workout on, they have fun without realizing they are working out, i pick them up when i’m finished & we all grab a snack at the snack/juice bar, we get to spend some time hanging out for a bit – then continue our day. often, we hit the outdoor pool afterwards. i have loved this little routine. the gym became part of our summer vacation here.

…the gym offers literally everything. they have six indoor tennis courts + four outdoor clay courts – which is where myla is training now with a fierce French coach that she’s very fond of, he’s been able to help her increase her strength on all her hits. this is also where myla spent one week at tennis camp, and attended her first tournament here in new england. the bsc has an indoor pool for rainy days/winter, they have a fun outdoor pool {with an impressive snack bar} that is where we spent a few days in august. kiana is able to workout with dusty and i, if she wants to –

and, now that we are more settled, my home gym is also set-up. with two gym options, i really have no excuse to go to bed without having a workout somewhere in my day.

i’m eating good, exercising – and i’m going to get my scale to a very happy number in six weeks.

game on!

are you with me?

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  1. Oh Jane you do inspire me….I’ve tried all summer to get back on the Atkins plan but have failed to stick with it more than a couple weeks at a time…and I feel awful both body and spirit. Funny thing is I physically feel so good when I’m not eating sugar and starchy junk but my lazy self just doesn’t care and grabs whatever is easiest…BWUAAAA. I’m going to try again now and make you proud. Thanks for the challenge….I know I can do it!!!

  2. I’m with you. I trained all summer for a 1/2 marathon and since I ran that on Aug 20th, I’ve pretty much been a loaf And since June through mid September is birthday season for mine and my husband’s family, I’ve eaten sooooo many sweets. I did a cardio dance class today and it was so nice to be active and also do something besides run. You should check out http://www.thegymbox.com. It’s a great alternative for a home workout. The service is pretty cheap and the classes are super fun and you don’t have to do the same class over and over like DVDs, unless you love the class. I’ve done the kickboxing, yoga, cardio dance and extreme cardio (which killed me). They’ve all been really thorough/professional workouts and I love that I can do it at a time that works for me. Sometimes that is 10:30 at night. So be it. I’m not sure if I have the endurance to cut out the sweets, but I’m committed to working out regularly. Good luck to you!

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