goals update…

#1 tears of joy, all the time

at 8:15pm tonight i received this text from sara,

“I am forever changed and so undeserving. This is truly a miracle. He has LITERALLY been raised and brought back from the dead by faith, prayers, and the power of the priesthood.


There are no words. He is absolutely the same boy we loved before he nearly left us. We are so glad he chose to come back to us. We are so blessed to be a part of his special mission. He has touched so many.

Right now he is breathing on his own, sitting up by himself, talking, trying to walk, giving high fives, giggling, playing patty cake, you name it.

He’s our little man!

Sorry no post yet…

Too busy holding him when he cries and playing when he’s happy!

I’m so happy I get a second chance to be his mama! Just gotta love every second! 🙂 “

#2 after the staker family miracle, i hope to forever have the motivation i have right now to always be loving, and patient no matter what situation arises. {including those darn female hormones!}

an hour ago: right after sela & kj brushed their teeth for bedtime, i walked in my bathroom to find…

i happen to know, for a fact, this sink was clean prior to them brushing their teeth! instead of the typical, somewhat nagging reminder, i just cleaned it up and went on with the next thing to do. i’ll kindly remind them tomorrow morning to try to be more clean. 😉

way too early this morning:
dusty & kiana left today at 4am for a 12-day trip to the Philippines… so,

right this minute:
my other three munchkins are snuggled together in my bed, each with an itouch in their hands, waiting for the final “lights out, goodnight call.’

eventually: i’ll find my sleeping spot between those three! snuggles all night.

#3 i’ve lost SEVEN pounds in the past SEVEN days! a few more to go…

#4 working on it, whenever possible…

my latest oil paintings, influenced by my obsession with tea & tea cups.


“how you doin’?”

with your goals???

8 responses to “goals update…”

  1. ok, i LOVE those oil paintings! i mean it…i LOVE them…that is why i used capital letters – to show how much i LOVE them 🙂

  2. I can't say enough about Bronson. I point everyone to the blog… Inspiration awaits.

    I ate pancakes and syrup, an ice cream sandwich, 2 kit kats, ramen noodles, etc. I feel horrible… I'll do good from here on out.

    Worked my tail off.


  3. Jane, I am trying very hard to keep up with the diet, but can you give me some ideas of meals, please! No Sugar, it is hard! Thanks

  4. I have learned so much from the Stakers recently. I will forever be grateful! I am THRILLED for the recent turn of events! I bet this has been very hard for you considering how close you guys are. And I love your oil paintings. Where are you going to put them??

  5. Jane, I, too, cannot stop crying tears of joy for Sara and her family. I've also espoused your
    #2 goal. Her story has inspired me in countless ways to be a better mom, wife and friend.

    7 pounds in 7 days?! What in the world? Like Jessy, I would appreciate some meal tips.

  6. Jane,
    Thanks so much for the updates you give on Bronson.

    And congrats on your seven pound loss, how did you do it. I was so good until we moved in the Fall and I have struggled ever since. Do you have any additional tips other than what you have on your blog already?

    By the way I think you look amazing!

    Sarah (Frampton) Mayfield

  7. we too are so happy for little bronsons recovery. Amazing. How strong is Sara. Amazing again.
    Seven pounds in seven days.. really doing what? I have lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks on weight watchers but would love to know how you lost 7 in 7.

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