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February 6, 2012

today i want to talk swimwear because frankly, i have a serious fettish with swimwear. i believe it’s because i adore sunshine. swimming pools. and the beach. these are at the top of our list for happy places, right after red sox games.

did you know january till march is the best time to buy a swimsuit? i’m not kidding. the best suits come out when it’s still winter. you can find a good suit all the other months of the year, but the best designs are available – now. and, this year – i am seeing lots of stripes, bows, and ruffles. dear see jane blog readers, what is better than that?

here’s a round-up of *new to me* suits that are my favorites for the little people in your life.


friends, to complete this week …

i wanted to share one last post about my favorite spotted valentine’s from around the web,
plus a gift guide for any of those people you love & what you could buy them to celebrate.


one two three
four five six
seven eight nine

If your valentine enjoys gaming, you could visit LeagueSmurfs.com and buy them an online gaming account! happy weekend my friends! do you have plans?
our niece &


in the hunt for something green for st. patty’s day for each kiddo,
{note: the green needed to be somewhat original…}

i could not find anything i was super-pleased with for myla.

so, last night, i took this basic green tee,
found one of my old tank tops,
and went to work…

i loved the color, polka-dots, and lace trim on this tank,
so i trimmed it off—

with five minutes of basic hand-stitches, i gathered & stitched on a little trim
to the neckline. very very easy {and…sewing is not my strongest skill. believe me.}

i used the white polka-dots to hide my stitches.


reader questions…

February 18, 2011

oh. please forgive me, i am so behind in reader questions.
here are a couple of answers…

my kitchen paint color is:
Seabeck, the actual swatch says, “8073M Seabeck LRV 50,” if that means anything in paint-lingo.

i have had a few inquiries about my swimsuits lately,
most of my swimsuits are from:
jcrew, juicy, gap, and hapari.


and, thank you, dear kerry esquivel, she is a reader-friend-of-a-friend who passed along a gift for me.


i am ready…

October 8, 2010
to keep our feet warm!
{i consider this a motherly-duty.}

when kj was four years old,
i was helping him one winters day to get his ugg boots on…
while doing so, he told me,

“mom, my feet go in there & go to sleep…”

a perfect description.

i spent two days last weekend, with our new *uggs lined up on the back patio,
giving them two generous coats of water & stain repellent.
…i must take good care of them!

i thought they looked beautiful just all lined up, out there!

bring on the cold!!!



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