peachy keen…

if i wanted to be super-over-the-top- for kiana’s party this weekend,
taking grey, silver, peach, and bows over to the extreme,
i would have totally gone for any of these:

1- above all else sweater.
2- arcade night sweater.
3- to peach their own top.
4- wrapped around your finger ring.
5- friday night fever bag.
6- you’re a peach dress.
7- buttons & bows heels in grey.

i easily could have chosen the wardrobe for each guest!

how fun would it be to not only party-plan,
but send your guests their party clothes!

{sigh. uh-mazing.}

i would like this, this, and this!
have you ever shopped mod cloth?

7 responses to “peachy keen…”

  1. I Love the heels and the ring! Too bad they are gone. Thx for the info on a fun new shopping site! I have never heard of them. But they have some way cute stuff. 🙂

  2. I love how you are so cute, thoughtful, & fun you are with your party planning! It's very inspirational! You're so amazing and creative, it's good for the newer mommies that need a pick me up. It gets me motivated, & that's why I read your blog!

  3. Jane, you've been visiting my dreams again! Every few months I have Rhodes dreams and last night was especially bazaar and dramatic, haha! I hope you are gloriously happy and well in all things. I doubt you’d find yourself in need of friends with all the people who love and adore you, but if ever you are a friend in need, then know I am your friend indeed! 🙂

  4. could you do the shopping for me and then email the cart to me and i'll check out! haha

    could be your perfect job~ Event Planner!!

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