i am ready…

to keep our feet warm!
{i consider this a motherly-duty.}

when kj was four years old,
i was helping him one winters day to get his ugg boots on…
while doing so, he told me,

“mom, my feet go in there & go to sleep…”

a perfect description.

i spent two days last weekend, with our new *uggs lined up on the back patio,
giving them two generous coats of water & stain repellent.
…i must take good care of them!

i thought they looked beautiful just all lined up, out there!

bring on the cold!!!

someone has a shoe obsession.
okay, so maybe we all do.
i’ll leave it at that.
we’re dealing with it.

*if you’re a fellow ugg-lover,
make sure to check out the new shoes {here} this season,
my girls are dying over them!

4 responses to “i am ready…”

  1. I am a huge fan of uggs… maybe too much of a fan.haha
    love those new uggs. i can totally see kiana and myla sporting those babies around.

    how cute are those grey ones with buttons?… i was just looking at those for livi's!! so cute!

  2. oh my gosh… i love me some uggs, but i didn't know about the tennis shoes! definitely buying those this weekend.

  3. You and your kids always have the cutest shoes. I do NOT miss the cold AT ALL! Come visit us when you guys need a break from it. Bring your darling kiddos this time.

  4. Shoe/boots crazy here..Can of scotch gaurd by the door and snow seal. My kids have converted gone back to Hunters(wellies) and Sorels… and always loyal to FRYE… UVU parking lot-PROVO Canyon-Lake Powell and…. UGGS just dont mix. Love your blog… I need to start blogging again.

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