diy: upcycled embellishments & gift wrapping.

in the hunt for something green for st. patty’s day for each kiddo,
{note: the green needed to be somewhat original…}

i could not find anything i was super-pleased with for myla.

so, last night, i took this basic green tee,
found one of my old tank tops,
and went to work…

i loved the color, polka-dots, and lace trim on this tank,
so i trimmed it off—

with five minutes of basic hand-stitches, i gathered & stitched on a little trim
to the neckline. very very easy {and…sewing is not my strongest skill. believe me.}

i used the white polka-dots to hide my stitches.
{because, i only own white and black thread! and when i start projects at 10pm or much later, i prefer to not make a run to the local wal-mart for thread!}

ta-da! the finished tee!

i used the large scrap of fabric left-over from the tank-top to wrap myla’s
green goodie. this morning, when the kids woke-up to find their goodies,

KJ said,

“i wanted mine wrapped in fabric! why am i the only one without fabric?!?”

you win some. you lose some.

do you upcycle clothing? rachel, right here, is a genius at doing so. i love seeing her projects, they are so inspiring! check out this, this, and this!

{all photos by me. all opinions are mine, nothing sponsored.}

5 responses to “diy: upcycled embellishments & gift wrapping.”

  1. Great job, I love it!! It starts with a needle and thread….get worried if you get the urge for the sewing machine! 🙂

  2. only you would totally think of something so awesome to create on a boring green shirt!

    Your are so creative! love it!

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