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today i want to talk swimwear because frankly, i have a serious fettish with swimwear. i believe it’s because i adore sunshine. swimming pools. and the beach. these are at the top of our list for happy places, right after red sox games.

did you know january till march is the best time to buy a swimsuit? i’m not kidding. the best suits come out when it’s still winter. you can find a good suit all the other months of the year, but the best designs are available – now. and, this year – i am seeing lots of stripes, bows, and ruffles. dear see jane blog readers, what is better than that?

here’s a round-up of *new to me* suits that are my favorites for the little people in your life.
apologies for only two boys suits. the girls just have more to choose from. however, those two swim shorts for boys are really good choices!

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty
twenty-1 twenty-2 twenty-3 twenty-4 twenty-5 twenty-6 twenty-7 twenty-8

p.s. the selection at target is better than what they are offering online! run, don’t walk!
next monday i’ll post my favorite suits for adults for 2012!

{collages by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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  1. These are adorable…love number 1 and number 19~ are they all from different places? Was looking where to get these adorable pieces?!? =)

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