if you follow me on instagram, then this is old news. but i wanted to talk a bit more about this here.

to those who don’t know – my oldest daughter kiana, “retired” {for lack of a better word} from dance six weeks ago. after devoting most of her life to dance, 12 years to be exact. yes, she is only fourteen {almost fifteen} but my petit woman had given hours and hours, weeks, months, and years to rehearsals. she was committed. she stopped.

the choice to stop was something she had been deliberating for the past couple of years. after a lot of thought, and a few tears,


SYTYCD – Witney Carson

July 11, 2012

how fun! one of our favorite tv dance shows is so you think you can dance. do you watch it? we have been fortunate over the years to know quite a few of the dancers who make it to top 20 each season. it makes watching the show so exciting when you know the dancers! it also makes my heart so happy to see these kids succeed. dancers spend so many hours of their days training, and years dedicated to the sport to make their dreams come true. i really don’t know many other sports that involve this kind of time-intense dedication.

this season on SYTYCD, it just so happens that we have a few friends who made it to the top 20!!!



July 2, 2012

I have a whole lotta catching up to do with this blog + our new home. spring is so busy as a family. At least, that is my opinion – you have more sports being played + end-of-year-everything-recitals-programs + it’s the kids’ last chance to finish school work and/or improve grades + spring fever…

so, here it goes, a little review of what the kiddos did this spring:

sell-bells finished her first year on a dance company, she had three competitions and has decided to take a year off from the scene. she loved performing and getting trophies but also thinks it’s a little too much work. so, we’ll take a year off and go back another year.


miss fourteen likes to get fancy & go out. she especially likes to get fancy and go in to the city without her younger siblings. ::smiles:: so we were thrilled when we had the opportunity to see Boston Ballet’s Fancy Free at the Boston Opera House.

Fancy Free is a three-movement ballet, meaning there are three entirely separate ballets. It opens with Barber Violin Concerto, a company premiere choreographed in 1988 by New York City Ballet’s Peter Martins. A classical couple meets a modern dance couple. The modern couple was hilarious, I’ve never sat in a theater watching a ballet and laughed so hard in my life. truly awesome.


we drove to worcester for the first time, for this competition. cute town. a fun morning with my little dancer. she did her “splash splash” dance + a second dance this time to a song from tangled. she just loves twirling & twirling in this costume. right before this dance she had a little meltdown when we realized she didn’t have the right tights. no one even noticed and i promised my girl a little toy from target as tears welled in her eyes because she was so worried about the tights. i asked her to not even worry about it, reassured her all would be fine. the dance went great. the worry went away.


my lil dancer

March 26, 2012

sela had her first dance competition very early in the morning on st. patrick’s day. she has been waiting for this day forever in her five year old world. after watching kiana perform & compete for years, she was thrilled to be having her turn on stage. she literally could not wait to get her hands on a trophy!

her family? we were all grinning fools while she was on the stage. i mean, look at her! this little cutie shaking her bootie & towel on stage. oh, it’s too much!

she dances to “splash splash” and at her next competition in april the little ones add one more dance, to a song from Tangled.