my lil dancer

sela had her first dance competition very early in the morning on st. patrick’s day. she has been waiting for this day forever in her five year old world. after watching kiana perform & compete for years, she was thrilled to be having her turn on stage. she literally could not wait to get her hands on a trophy!

her family? we were all grinning fools while she was on the stage. i mean, look at her! this little cutie shaking her bootie & towel on stage. oh, it’s too much!

she dances to “splash splash” and at her next competition in april the little ones add one more dance, to a song from Tangled. sela talks about these dances and her eyes sparkle. i love that passion in the heart of a child.

{photo by me.}

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  1. Jane – I absolutely LOVE this photo of your darling girl. It is mesmerizing. She looks so serenely happy and so heartbreakingly sweet. There is such promise in her eyes. This is a girl who is truly living her dream! Thank you for sharing this stunning photo.

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