sela’s second dance competition of the year…

we drove to worcester for the first time, for this competition. cute town. a fun morning with my little dancer. she did her “splash splash” dance + a second dance this time to a song from tangled. she just loves twirling & twirling in this costume. right before this dance she had a little meltdown when we realized she didn’t have the right tights. no one even noticed and i promised my girl a little toy from target as tears welled in her eyes because she was so worried about the tights. i asked her to not even worry about it, reassured her all would be fine. the dance went great. the worry went away. we went to target.

…for her toy she skipped the toy section, went straight to the hats, and picked out a straw fedora. for reals. oh how i love this little one.

you can spot her fedora in this post.

{photos by me.}

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