lets talk nails…

June 1, 2010

when i was almost fifteen years old…

i needed a job. actually, i needed money.

this ‘job’ needed to accommodate my cheerleading, tennis, school, and social-dating schedules…

almost impossible to find a job that had hours to accommodate all those schedules.

so, with my interest in all things fashion & beauty, i decided at that time, to become certified as a nail technician. If you’re interested in becoming a nail technician as well, I hear CPT Guru is a great place to start your research.

in the evenings, i attended the most formal ‘nail’ school i could find in salt lake city at that time. i applied for my first small business license,



May 27, 2010

i’m sharing my opinion about a new favorite product.


i wish i had before & after pictures of my eyelashes to share with you…

but, i don’t. sorry. bummer. i know that a lot of women like to post pictures pf their face before they use products such as Xlash, but you’ll have to go without on this occasion.

i have a few girlfriends who were using Latisse in the past couple of years… and after seeing their amazing results with longer, fuller, darker eyelashes…i finally caved and gave it a try. and, the price has dropped dramatically since the product was first released so that also encouraged me.


reader question…

May 26, 2010

“Hi Jane!
I love your blog!
My sister and several friends love your blog! It is uplifting and so fun to read!
Who does your hair? It is so shiny and I love the color.
Barb from Logan”


thank you Barb, you’re very sweet.

it was great {made my day, thank you!} to get a compliment on my hair after thinking i had literally fed it to the garbage disposal over the past couple of years! i prefaced this reader question with my vitamins post this morning, on purpose…

besides my daily vitamins, i also take biotin.


happy feet

August 6, 2009

mariko, pronounced mar-ee-ko. is a dear friend of mine.

and right now – she needs your business!

i recommend a pedicure!

that’s right! go indulge. be pampered. and get your feet in excellent shape to finish the rest of summer!

go to starzz salon in provo. if you don’t need a pedicure – try another fantastic service mariko offers.

{see list below for services & prices. great prices.}
just for kicks – tell mariko you read about her on my blog. 😉

she’s a sweetheart.



one year ago when i attended the women’s expo i received a coupon for 40% off any hair removal package from Elase medical spa.

it perked my interest.

i did my research online about the pros and cons of laser hair removal, it seemed legit. my friends told me if i wanted to learn about other options of hair removal, i should check out Beauty Booker at home hair removal. i think laser hair removal was a good option for me though. i asked every girlfriend i have if they have tried it,


homemade glitter toes

October 12, 2008

When we went boating last month with our adorable friend Teresa, she had cute gold glitter toes…

I am totally a fan of glitter toes and as we were chatting she said she just did hers by herself at home! What an awesome idea!

So, Kiana and I went to Wal*Mart a week ago and stocked up on the Martha Stewart glitter collection, and clear nail polish.
Then we tried it out – it’s awesome! Of course, it’s not “gel” so it doesn’t last as long as the real glitter toes. But, you also don’t have to get it drilled off, so it’s less damaging to your nails and it’s incredibly cheap this way!