buns and bows

my oldest daughter has had an interest in styling her own hair since she was a little tyke. when she was younger this saddened me a bit because i dreamed of having daughters so i could do their hair. yet, over the years i’ve grown to really appreciate her ambition because it really helps with time in our get-everyone-ready-routine. kiana also helps her sisters with their hair which is a huge blessing!

since miss fourteen is a dancer, and more specifically she has been a ballerina for the past year – i’ve really appreciated the fact that she doesn’t require my help since her hair needs to be in a bun six days a week for ballet school.

as i’ve mentioned on seejaneblog before – kiana grew-up training in a few genres of dance in utah, but this year chose to focus on technique. her year at boston ballet school is coming to an end in the next few days, and with that closure – i wanted to document her 2011-12 buns and bows style. each afternoon i watch her run out the door and quickly glimpse at how she’s wrapped up her hair – usually topped with a bow.

we have collected these bows from Soel boutique in Provo, Utah. my friend Ann’s shop – Lou and Lee {her creations are incredible, you will be seriously obsessed!}, Anthropologie. Wendy and Peter – we love their striped bow headbands. and various other little shops/markets.

the best part about buns and bows: you don’t have to be in ballet class to pull this off. it’s a perfect look for casual, or fancy! it’s especially great for lazy-days. i consider it my back-up hairstyle for many days of the week, especially running out the door to bikram yoga. do you have a favorite quick hairstyle?

{photos by me.}

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  1. Those all look fantastic! I think my favorite is the last one on the left; beautiful ‘handiwork’ on that one.

    Quick hairstyles for me are almost always ponytails or buns, but they never seem to look as good as the ones you posted 😉

  2. She is a doll. As ever, your style is impeccable. I reflect the sentiment above. A tutorial would be fabulous for we stylishly impaired. 🙂

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