coconut oil

i am jumping on this bandwagon really late.

but, very happy i finally made it!

do you know about all the health advantages that coconut oil offers? have you heard of coconut oil?
{here is one article to get you started… please read!}

i have at least a dozen friends who have been raving about coconut oil for some time now {many of my besties are serious health nuts} , and for some reason i just kept listening but not acting on their advice.

not smart. not smart at all.

i finally purchased some {and a book} a few weeks ago & started using it –

i am in love. seriously. first of all, it just smells so good! but, i am already a total fan of the coconut scent…

since my purchase, i’ve used it on my skin – as a facial moisturizer, and as a lotion on my legs! it is a little weird at first to just rub this oil on your face/skin, so i tend to only use it at bedtime, so it is slightly absorbed before i go to sleep – then, yes, my sheets absorb a bit of the excess… but, when i wake-up, i love how my skin looks! i put it on a sunburn a couple of weeks ago and my burn was so much better by morning!

i’ve started cooking with it in place of vegetable oil and olive oil. our veggies/meat are delicious! AND, my very very favorite use for it so far – i put it on my morning spelt bread {toast} in place of butter! it’s warm-grainy-coconuty deliciousness! in fact, husband likes it so much, he stocked up on spelt bread + his own supply of coconut oil this past week to take his own stock to asia with him. we love it. i find myself even craving it throughout the day.

so. dear readers, have you tried it? do you have other uses for it that you recommend? i know this is just the early stages of my relationship with coconut oil, but i am hooked.


i so dearly appreciate all your kind words in regards to my blog going private. i’m truly overwhelmed. i thought maybe TOPS i would get about 30 comments – and the post has peaked over 100 now! holy schmoly, i don’t even get that kind of response around here when i host giveaways! i’m sorry i haven’t responded to each and every one of you, there are SO many! and, besides the comments i’ve had a few dozen emails + facebook messages. i promise, i adore you all and again, thank you so very very much. you truly made my week! very possibly, my year.


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  1. I have never heard of this so I am apparently way behind. I think I will be going to get some today! Yum!

  2. Jane,

    Wow…what will I do when you are no longer available to help me with so many helpful tips! I spent the weekend spraying my house with the fabric softner solution you suggested. Now I know I will try the coconut oil.I truely believe there is always something new for me to learn daily and I find myself going to your blog and a #1 source. You have motivated this tired 50 year old woman and actually helped me to start a new way of life. My kids have even commented about the change they have seen in me how they like it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will so miss you! I wish you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy move. May your future be filled with love, happiness, and daily laughter!I hope you will love the east coast as much as we do!
    With much gratitude from this new Southen Lady,
    Rose Jarrell

  3. Coconut Oil who knew wow I’m for sure going to try this. Thanks for all the fabulous tips you share.

  4. I love Coconut oil! Have you noticed the carbs on the spelt bread has gone up? I think I cried a little when i saw that. I have found a great alternative though. It is Sunflower market 9 grain bread. 5 grams of protein per slice and only 8 carbs. It tastes awesome to. Glad you are hooked on the oil! 🙂

    • hey Chelsea – i buy coconut oil locally at Good EArth, but it can be found at a variety of stores, it’s actually pretty common… i like to have two just so that the one i’m using for “beauty” purposes doesn’t have toast crumbs in it. 🙂

  5. Hi Jane – I stumbled onto your blog just a month or so ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog almost daily since. I have recently moved to a new area and now stay home with my three kiddos after working full time. Relating to your adventures and enjoying your tips/recipes/DIY/party ideas has helped me through the transition to my new surroundings. I think it is wonderful how you have shared so much of yourself and your family on your blog. I am amazed how you do all that you do! I understand your reasons for wanting to make a change.

    I have some coconut oil in my cupboard but rarely know what to do with it. I will have to try it on toast soon.

    Thank you for being you!! 😉

  6. I found your blog through another, and I must say I love all your creative ideas + parties! I was bummed to see you are going private but it’s totally understandable! Thanks for sharing! {can’t wait to get some coconut oil after this post:)}

  7. seriously!! you cannot go! please re consider!! or at least invite those of us who are not crazy serial killers to still participate in your amazing life!

  8. jane I am so going to miss your tips..suggestions…and knowledge of products. I’ve honestly tried and use so many of them, including fabric softener,to protein drinks, to Latice and love them all. I don’t know how I can start my day without your blog!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  9. I have always wanted to ask someone that uses coconut oil on their face….has it made you break out at all? I can look at my skin wrong and get a zit. Just wondering how your facial skin has done with it?!? Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hi dear friend…So fun you are posting this. I started using Coconut oil to when I found out all the good health benefits. I felt weird too when I put it on my face. Scary…but I love it. My friend puts it in her smoothies. I read it speeds up the metabolism, and really good for the thyroid…not to mention the only oil that doesnt turn bad for your heart when you cook it. Awesome huh. Love ya girl, soooo going to miss you when you leave us.

  11. sadly my coconut oil bottle broke and i lost it all. on the bright side, my box and contents smelled wonderful! 🙂 Oh and my toaster keeps tripping the breaker. Grrrrr…

  12. Guess I am way behind as well- never heard of this! I will be going out to buy some now! 🙂
    Thanks so much Jane for all your helpful reviews and tips, can’t wait to try this!

  13. Was anyone else hoping for an, “I’m so overwhelmed by the number of responses I’m going to stay public” blog post??

    Aw shucks. :o)

  14. i love my coconut oil on spelt bread too! also it’s great for the lips!
    my olivia has super dry spots behind her ears and i put this on her excema and it’s MAGIC!

    I’m guessing all the coconut oils in “good earth” are going to be SOLD OUT because of you! haha
    that’s what happened to my xenadrine drink! i couldn’t find those packets forever. whatever you talk about “SELLS OUT”!

  15. Jane…I found your blog through mutual friends (Lyndi and Susie) They are my closest besties and I have been friends with Susie for over 30 years 🙂 It all started with the DIY toilet paper roll art (my fam has been saving them ever since). Your posts are so inspiring and I often “check-in” while waiting for my daughters carpool to arrive in the morning. Needless to say I will miss your blog terribly and wish you so much luck in Boston. I totally get the privacy issue, I think we have all wrestled with it in one form or another on the www. If you ever consider going public again that would be fabulous and I will keep my fingers crossed for the possibility of being inspired by you again someday! I will be accompanying the for-mentioned girls to your much anticipated garage sale and can’t wait to meet you…Sunny

  16. I will try to make good and comment even though I should have done so LONG ago.

    Coconut oil is so awesome! One of my favorites is popping popcorn in coconut oil, old school style. Salted popcorn with the mild taste of the coconut is a pretty fabulous combo–at least we think so! We are totally loving mango/coconut cream (not to be confused with coconut milk) smoothies. I have never spread it on my toast but I’m pretty sure I’ll love it! That’s the next thing on my list to try.

    We’ll miss so many good things when you leave…

    • ~ ummmm, i wanna try this popcorn pronto – sounds so yummy! maybe this weekend… it will be my in-between-packing-treat! 🙂

  17. So i have never heard of this, i love anything cocount!! Have you tried haagen dazs pineapple coconut ice cream??? Its to die for seriously!!! So Question. Is there an oil you cook with and another for like skin?? or do you use the same oil. I think i might have to join the ban wagon as well 🙂

  18. I’ve been using coconut oil for a few years. Its amazing in a bath for super soft skin. I recommend it to clients as a dietary supplement because its so good for you. I’ve even put it in coffee before. I just turned hubby onto it as a moisturizer since he got a nasty sunburn this week & his skin has never looked so good.

  19. Okay, I put half coconut oil and half butter + Real salt on my popcorn… amazing. Have a UTI? Oh, just drink lots of coconut milk and take lots of coconut oil. Have acid reflux (I do)? Oh, you don’t need prilosec or any of those prescriptions with nasty side effects Just take coconut oil!

    I too put it in my coffee every morning. Dried coconut has the most fiber out of any or almost any food. Coconut oil is amazing for digestion and digestion is everything! I’m so obsessed!

  20. I started ordering it through Amazon! My husband thinks I’ve gone nuts, but then asks me to put a little on his arms after he shaves them…definitely cuts down on the razor burn. I also use it to remove my makeup, as well as a great moisturizer for the kiddos. Somewhere I read about using it for deoderant but haven’t gotten around to it. Try substituting it for butter in rice krispies! Yum!

  21. I have heard some healthy things about coconut oil & it’s great to hear first hand accounts. I am not a HUGE fan of coconut but will have to try it out.


  22. Jane, Ive been reading your blog over the past year I found it thru my husband who is Dustys nephew (John Wright) Anyways I am so inspired by your blog and all the great ideas that you have posted about, your truly so creative and talented. Thanks for all the great ideas im sad your going private I have so enjoyed your blog and often It inspires me or just makes me smile.I would love a invite but understand if not. Good luck to you and your family on your move it sounds very exciting. Micheline Wright

  23. I am going to have to try this on my daughter’s eczema, I hope it works, nothing else does so it is worth a try. Especially as summer approaches, chlorine is so hard on her little legs. Can’t wait to try it on my skin too!

  24. Coconut oil is amaizing …. I use it on my hair as a treatment went you hair is damage …. Love your blog 

  25. I luv coconut oil, I have not used it as a lotion though. I have used it for cooking eggs & in our stir fry.Very sad to hear about the blog going private. Your one of the few bloggers I have read who don’t bash their husband or children Their are so many out there who are very negative about their familes. Luv your blog & will miss it!

  26. A little twist on the coconut oil, try coconut water with lime and sonic ice! Its a great healthy summer beverage!

  27. When I was pregnant I used it in my scrambles eggs and smoothies and loved it but I’m so sad because now I can’t handle the taste and smell of it, should have waited till after the baby. By the way, what are you doing to us?! In the same month we will have lost Oprah and you, how much more can we take! I am respectfully protesting (even though I would do the same). You will be missed!

  28. This is such a great idea! I’ll have to try it out. I could use some island flavor and smell during such a gloomy summer!

  29. I put coconut oil on my hair every night…. I love the smell and it’s so good for it! I’m going to try cooking with it now! What a great idea!

  30. We LOVE coconut oil here at our house! I have the best recipe that makes the best all-natural coconut almond fudge…so good!

    Also – I got a gallon bucket of virgin organic coconut oil online for about $45. I’ll find the website and share that too! It seems much cheaper than buying the smaller jars. Love the stuff!

    And can I say I am SO SAD you are going private…I love reading your posts and seeing all your great parties! You’ll have to invite me if you can! (I totally understand the privacy issues! It’s such a tough decision but I get it completely!)

    See you at the garage sale! Can’t wait…

  31. Will be getting some tomorrow. Just got back from a beach vacation and could certainly get used to the smell of coconut all the time.

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