to laser or not to laser?


one year ago when i attended the women’s expo i received a coupon for 40% off any hair removal package from Elase medical spa.

it perked my interest.

i did my research online about the pros and cons of laser hair removal, it seemed legit. my friends told me if i wanted to learn about other options of hair removal, i should check out Beauty Booker at home hair removal. i think laser hair removal was a good option for me though. i asked every girlfriend i have if they have tried it, liked it, had success or failure with it at places that was somewhere like Christchurch… with good reviews, i booked my first appointment…

one year later {three packages later – just in time for summer!} I cannot recommend it enough!!!

however, results do not come immediately. a hair removal “package” typically includes six treatments plus two touch-ups. each treatment is six weeks apart.

it goes like this-The Laser emits light, converted into heat that directly targets actively growing hair follicles. Laser hair removal technology works because dark colors attract light energy and hold it, while light colors reflect light energy. When the laser emits a light beam, the dark hair absorbs the laser energy and the follicle is damaged, prohibited growth. That is why laser hair removal works best on patients with darker hair and lighter skin. It is important to be familiar with the hair growth cycles to understand why more than one treatment is needed and to better appreciate how the laser works. Each hair passes though three distinct stages: Active Growth (Anagen), Transition (Catagen) and shedding (Telogen). If the hair is up and has visible pigment it is in its active phase. Its pigment can absorb the laser and the follicle can be destroyed. Only 30-50% of hair is actively growing at any time. When the hair is in it’s resting or shedding phases it is not capable of absorbing the laser light and no destruction of the follicle can occur. Therefore multiple treatments are required in order to hit each hair in it’s active stage.

so, after six treatments, two touch-ups, AND not having extremely dark hair which could make my results less than ideal. i have still had remarkable results! for example, on my underarms {the first area i did as a “tester”} i would say that 95% of the hair growth is gone or extremely thinned down and grows very slowly now. i am shaving my underarms about once a month, and that’s if i’m high maintenance, they could easily last longer. it’s amazing!

so, if you are trying to decide to laser or not to laser???


because laser hair removal, rocks!

yes, you have to spend time {and money} going to the appointments to get the laser hair removal. but now, i love the time i save by not shaving so often! and, i love that it closes up the pores so the skin is more smooth.

seriously, laser hair removal could be very addicting. watch out sugar!

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  1. I am surprised that I didn’t know about you doing this! I want to do this so bad, and wondered if it really worked!
    That is so awesome!! I may be asking you for more info soon!

  2. Shaving your underarms once a month? I’m jealous! To never use a razor forever sounds amazing…sigh.

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