i’m sharing my opinion about a new favorite product.


i wish i had before & after pictures of my eyelashes to share with you…

but, i don’t. sorry. bummer. i know that a lot of women like to post pictures pf their face before they use products such as Xlash, but you’ll have to go without on this occasion.

i have a few girlfriends who were using Latisse in the past couple of years… and after seeing their amazing results with longer, fuller, darker eyelashes…i finally caved and gave it a try. and, the price has dropped dramatically since the product was first released so that also encouraged me.

i love it. that’s it. i started using Latisse in February, and it definitely takes at least six weeks to see results. you must be faithful with using the drops every day, or night in my case. i like to put it on after i have washed my face at night, before bedtime. but, the results once they kick in, are amazing. there are some symptoms that could result, but so far, i have had great results without anything weird happening. considering i am pretty light complected and blue eyes, that is great. you can read about the cons, here.

I thought i had pretty good, average eyelashes before…but now, i get about a dozen compliments a day from strangers… or i get questions like, “do you have eyelash extensions?” “wow, your eyelashes are like 900 miles long…what did you do?” – that one was from my friend summer, she’s hilarious.

i know eyelash extensions have been all the rage, and i never gave them a try. only because i find when i am looking at someone with extensions, they can be the top of the line, but i only tend to notice where they are missing some, or where they are kinked. also, i like to have a make-up free/nothing extra attached to my face, face. at least once a day. especially when i am exercising. so, eyelash extensions haven’t appealed to me. but, improving my own eyelashes totally has my interest.

you do need a prescription to get latisse. i get mine from this medical spa where i also have done these treatments before. which i also recommend!

i am currently on my second prescription of latisse, and i have backed off to only applying it every two days. i have read if you stop using it, immediately and/or over time, your eyelashes return to normal. but i don’t have any personal experience with this stage yet.

i disliked the stiff application brushes that latisse comes with. i chose to use my own make-up brush to apply the drops. I found it to be easier & more precise with a softer-tipped brush. I just found one from my stash of make-up samples, and use a clean/new one every week or so.

here’s a picture i found online, it shows typical results which i would easily compare my personal results with…

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  1. I have been wondering if this product really works, so I'm glad that you wrote about it. I have always had very sparse eyelashes, but have been scared off by the possible side effects. I also have blonde hair, and blue eyes so it makes me feel better about trying it.

  2. I started using this a while ago and it's seriously a miracle worker right!? So much that I'm kicking myself for forgetting to bring it with me to London.

    P.S. I'm lovin the new blog look. I love how we both have to change it up, ever so often! It looks fabulous!

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