coconut oil

June 2, 2011

i am jumping on this bandwagon really late.

but, very happy i finally made it!

do you know about all the health advantages that coconut oil offers? have you heard of coconut oil?
{here is one article to get you started… please read!}

i have at least a dozen friends who have been raving about coconut oil for some time now {many of my besties are serious health nuts} , and for some reason i just kept listening but not acting on their advice.

not smart. not smart at all.

i finally purchased some {and a book} a few weeks ago &


last saturday…

May 28, 2011

these two little girlies are the cutest of friends.

last week, they were both going to be fairies in their dance recital, and being a fairy required special fairy make-up!

so, my friend rebecca and i decided to take our girls to lunch after their morning rehearsals… we all had lunch at the nordstrom cafe’, and then headed right on over to the mac counter.

this was their first time, for both girls, at the mac counter for makeovers. {obviously!}

omgosh. i was rolling. these two cutie-patooties were crack-ups! they loved every minute of it & i was dying at some of their expressions in the pictures!

i will let the pictures speak for themselves:

oh my my –


homemade sea salt scrub

January 27, 2011

last month, our nanny tregan gave me the most divine body scrub for christmas. i am already a huge fan of oily-salty-scrubs, and this one tops them all as my favorite. plus, i just love that it’s homemade. i used up the jar tregan gave me lickety-split, so i’ve been dying to make more. my most-favorite-absolutely-love-it thing to do, is to use the body scrub in the shower/bath, then shave afterwards. oh my. my skin is so amazingly moisturized and smooth afterwards. it’s heaven!

simple recipe:
it’s pretty much a 1:1:1 ratio,

1 cup course sea salt
1 cup fine sea salt
1 cup oil
+ scented oils,


my new vices…

December 12, 2010

yesterday was six weeks.


even as i type it, i have a difficult time believing it.

i stopped drinking soda, cold turkey. well, kinda cold turkey, six weeks ago.

diet coke, specifically, has been my lifeline for an entire decade.


i’ve always tried not to think about the negative effects of carbonation on my body, but there’s always been this small voice in my head saying, “that much carbonation can NOT be good for you!!!”
{not really worried about the caffeine, or sweeteners, i have selective concern.}



pearly whites

June 24, 2010

i like white teeth. more specifically, straight. white teeth. that’s why i firmly believe that people need to go to a dentist such as someone like this cosmetic dentist San Diego.

i quickly notice when someone has a beautiful smile, shining with clean-white teeth. i’m somewhat addicted to whitening my teeth. which is why, i’m going to share with you, my favorite whiteners…along with a few other teeth tid-bits.

first, i’m going to digress here: did anyone else notice in ‘sex & the city 2’ how nasty miranda’s teeth looked? especially on the big screen!!! uggghhhh. blahh. dusty & i were grossed out the entire movie, just by her teeth! It stressed me out so much,


reader question…

June 15, 2010

one of my most loyal readers & favorite commenter’s, is…


rori has asked, in reference to this post…

“I would love to participate, for many reasons. But…I’m kind of slow….I’m still not quite sure what no sugar means? I know you put it right there on your blog, but my brain still refuses to participate. Like seriously, no chocolate? What does exactly no added sugars mean? I hope I’m not being too dense…..”

and…in reference to this post…

“Oooohhhh, I love good tips! Thanks for sharing! So, I know a while ago you spoke about how you got laser hair removal last year.