this is Myla’s biggest ballroom competition of the year. Last week/weekend we spent nearly a solid three days at byu.

On Thursday Myla competed with her partner Ammon in the samba and paso doble’. This was their first time to compete both of these dances, completely new routines for them and they did great!

On Friday, Myla’s ballroom team from Center Stage also competed a latin medley in the preteen latin medley formation category. I didn’t get any pictures of this one.

Saturday, Myla and Ammon competed in the swing and did great! Myla was really frustrated when she didn’t get a first place, but in the final round {after about six rounds} they were off-beat with each other for the beginning 15 seconds or so.


uvu ballroom competition

February 21, 2009
way to go, myla & ammon!

i was so excited and so proud of these two kids this morning!
they competed at the uvu ballroom competition and they did fantastic! not only did they do great, and have a lot of fun, but…

the judges noticed!

in the “elementary school age” category, which is all kids 11 & under, and please note Myla and Ammon are both 9…they placed…

In the cha-cha, out of SEVENTY couples, they placed fifth!
In the swing, out of EIGHTY-FIVE couples, they placed FIRST!

remember this?

This is Myla’s second 1st place now, and she was so thrilled!


her very first…

February 8, 2009

1st place!
{in the swing}way to go Myla, Ammon, and coach Autumn!
{Center Stage’s Ballroom Dancesport Competition…today.}
they did so good, i was so proud, she has been gleaming all day!


Last weekend Myla & Ammon competed at the Provo H.S. ballroom competition. Recently all of the typical age divisions and ballroom dance categories have been shuffled around, most couples are making adjustments in their private rehearsals but because of this are not prepared.

Ballroom linguistics.

Anyhow, Myla and Ammon were only able to compete in the swing last weekend, but their age division started with approximately 20 couples and they placed 4th! woo-hoo! They both did such a great job!


dancing with the stars tour

December 31, 2008

I didn’t take near enough pictures during the show tonight. I was so caught up in watching my girls perform I had a hard time getting my cameras out of their bags.

I did take a few pictures during their pre-show rehearsal…



Both our girls did a fantastic job dancing, and they both said it was really fun!
Neither Kiana nor Myla felt like they were dancing in front of so many people because the inside of the E center was so dark, you couldn’t see most of the audience! Also, there was a lot of fog,